Amazon ends its unlimited cloud storage option

Good things on this earth are either short lived or come with a price. Something similar happened with the unlimited cloud storage option for Amazon Drive. Unfortunately, the tech giant has decided to end the plan. So, from now on, instead of unlimited cloud storage option, can choose either 100 GB for $11.99 per year, or 1 TB for $59.99, with up to 30 TB available for an additional $59.99 per TB.

The usual sign ups still get you 5GB of storage for free. Back in March 2015, Amazon launched the ‘Unlimited Everything‘ plan that included two plans — $11.99 for unlimited photos and $59.99 for unlimited storage. But, looks like the party is over now.

But Prime subscribers needn’t worry. They will still have at least unlimited access to Prime Photos. So, you may still have the option to continue to stash away your memories using a photo trail.

Current Amazon Drive customers who have the old unlimited storage plan will keep it through its expiration date. After which, those with auto-renew turned on — and less than 1TB of data stored — will be automatically renewed into the 1TB plan/$60pa.

However, those who have auto-renew turned off, need to visit the Manage Storage page to opt into one of the new limited storage plans.

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