"”A strong partner ecosystem in India has been key to our high growth”"

By Nivedan Prakash - 18 April, 2012


Could you articulate your strategies for the Indian market as far as brand Tivoli is concerned?
Globally, India is one of the key growth markets for IBM. Tivoli is investing in India to ensure its integrated service management (ISM) strategy is leveraged to help clients achieve business objectives associated with high growth rates and increasing breadth and depth of business service delivery. This spans the ability for clients to have visibility, control and then automation of its traditional IT infrastructure as well as its business assets. Business assets can be managed through Maximo enterprise asset management solutions.

Security at all levels is also a key aspect of this strategy. Tivoli brings to the market the widest and deepest security portfolio available today. Its approach is to embed this security capability by design rather than an afterthought. To achieve these objectives Tivoli is working very closely with Indian solution providers and systems integrators.

Could you also throw some light on your channel partner ecosystem in India in terms of number of partners? What is the criteria that you have set while appointing any new partner?
Today we have many business partners successfully selling and implementing Tivoli’s full range of ISM solutions across India. In particular, we have many certified business partners who are able to sell, implement and support solutions in security, enterprise asset management, storage and automation areas. In addition, as we have also acquired new software organizations such as Big Fix, Micromuse-Netcool, ISS, Tririga and Maximo, and have added key business partners to sell and support those solutions. New business partners should be able to demonstrate appropriate commitment and deep skills in supporting the various IBM Tivoli solutions in order to ensure that there is high client satisfaction and use of these solutions and therefore faster RoI for clients.

A key initiative to ensure this is through our Tivoli certification program which makes sure that our partners gain experience by training, and can fully implement these solutions before selling and implementing them in the market. This program along with incentives of the Software Group channels program has been instrumental in attracting the right kind of business partners to be successful in the market.

How does a strong partner ecosystem and channels act as a force-multiplier for Tivoli’s growth in India?
A strong partner ecosystem for Tivoli has been a key factor leading to high growth for the Tivoli business. Highly skilled, competent business partners will ensure a lower risk implementation project in quick time and RoI much sooner. This builds strong client satisfaction which leads to additional projects and more opportunities to expand Tivoli solutions in the clients business and the market place. Higher client satisfaction ultimately enhances Tivoli’s reputation in the market as the leading supplier of ISM solutions.


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