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By Abhishek Angad - 14 May, 2012


One of the most important challenges for SMBs is managing the business effectively. For that to happen, automation and right solutions are vital. In order to address the requirements, software selection is another key area that the SMBs ponder over a long time. Trinity Touch, a UK based discreet manufacturing company, recently expanded in India for manufacturing high-quality products in India.

Earlier, Trinity was using in-house developed Oracle based ERP, but then, as its business expanded, there came the need for better software to avoid manual intervention and increase productivity, be it financially or operationally. For Trinity Touch, the right thing to do was to deploy SAP Business-All-in-One application. Sonata Software, which Trinity selected as its implementation partner, had a great deal to go for implementing.

Trinity expanded enough, thereby it transformed to a different level. For making changes in terms of growth, the current software was not enough to enable growth. So there was need to deploy such a tool which can basically reduce overall IT problems and use the manpower effectively. So they chose SAP’s Business-All-In-One software, which is focused for SMB customers.

“At Trinity Touch, we are managing manufacturing and distribution operations from multiple locations in India. Though we were earlier using our in-house developed Oracle based ERP system, but it was felt that there was a need for an integrated system which should incorporate the financial accounting aspects in order to have better control over the business operations as we were in the expansion process. Then we found SAP, the leader in enterprise business software with functionality based on industry best practices, as the perfect choice for fulfilling our needs,” said Ramesh Kumar, Manager-IT, Trinity Touch.

The discussions about the project started in May, 2009 and the go-ahead came in June, but the project finally started in July, 2009. Basically with Sonata’s expertise in this industry with SAP package perspective, Trinity saw the capability along with leadership, efficiency and value for money. Thus Sonata implemented SAP software replacing home-built software based on Oracle ERP. Trinity wanted to have some kind of visibility across business location, integrate their business, managing global inventory and sales as these were few key areas. It took 16-18 weeks for the implementation with a team of 5 members.


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