Kalpesh Jain can’t live without his daily dose of movies

By Ranjeeta Bhattacharjee - 15 November, 2012


Home is in: My heart
My school/college: I ignored studies and started my business
My company: My friends
My Family: Precious for me
I would like to be reborn as: Steve Jobs
Most memorable event of my life: The day I became a fatheravni6
With my first pay check: I announced ‘everything on the house' at a disco for my friends
My idol in life: Don't have one
Can't live without: My daily dose of movies
My favorite Gadget: iPhone
My favorite book: Any book made into a movie
My work-out regime: 5 days hardcore gymming
My hobby: Clubbing
My favorite holiday destination: Rio De Janerio (Brazil)
My favorite food: Popcorn while watching movies
I can't stand: Dishonesty and double standards
My social media preference: Facebook
kalpesh-jain-owner-and-founder-live-technologyBest compliment I ever received: "Man, you are fit." I went on from being fat to fit in 90 days
Car I drive: I prefer walking
My motto in life: Always keep your mind open
Advice to budding entrepreneurs: Work hard today for an easy life tomorrow
Like to watch on television: Cricket, cricket and more cricket
The cause I care for: Service above self
One thing I would like to change in myself: Restriction of fried food
5 years down the line I would be: Obviously Steve Jobs
If not in the IT industry, I would be: In the movie making industry

Name: Kalpesh B Jain
Spouse: Lalita K Jain
Children: Avni K Jain
Company: Live Technology

INTERVIEWED BY: Ranjeeta Bhattacharjee


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