'Mr Cool' - Gurpreet Singh Jagdev

By Prableen Kaur Jubbal - 27 November, 2012


Name: Gurpreet Singh Jagdev
Company: Netline Infotech
Spouse: Satvinder Kaur Jagdev, senior college lecturer
Children: Harneet Kaur, class XII and Prateek Singh, class V, Sacred Heart Convent


Home is in: Ludhiana
School/college: Kendriya Vidyalaya, GTB National College Dakha, and GHG College Gurusar Sadhar
Family: My wife and two kids grumeet-2
Would like to be reborn as: Myself
Most memorable event of my life: Seeing the excitement and tears of joy in my father's eyes on my first job at ICS, New Delhi
With my first pay check: I gave it all to my mom; did not know what to do with it
Idol in life: Two, Shane Warne for attitude and skill, Mohinder Amarnath for courage
Can't live without: Friends, cricket, online chess, corelDRAW and internet
Favorite gadget: Toshiba Liberetto Touch 100
Favorite book: The Guide by RK Narayanan
Work-out regime: Lawn tennis
Hobby: Playing lawn tennis and table tennis with friends, online chess, visiting malls with family
Favorite holiday destination: Goa
Favorite food: South Indian, makki di roti sarson da saag, and chicken curry
Can't stand: Lack of importance and thankless people
Social media preference: Facebook
Best compliment: Mr Cool
Car I drive: Honda City and Maruti Ertiga
Motto in life: Take it easy, but life is nothing without a bit of attitude
Advice to budding entrepreneurs: Work hard, enjoy harder, take one thing at a time
Like to watch on television: Comedy Circus, bowler dominated cricket matches, and BBC News
Cause I care for: Thalassemia kids
One thing I would like to change in myself: Getting a bit ruthless in business
Five years down the line I would be: Older, more complete in thoughts, and perhaps a little richer than today
If not in the IT industry, I would be: in creative advertisement and designing or in defense services


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Laddie Fri Nov 30 at 12:29 AM

Kya baat hai.... ek- do detail dalna bhool gayia lagta hai (HAHA) jo sirf mujhey hi maloom hai.


Ravinder Bhumbla Thu Nov 29 at 04:56 PM

Its great to know all about you in this format Mr. Cool.I feel proud to be on your friend list.


Jacob Thu Nov 29 at 04:40 PM

Good to know what i knew about you! God bless and enjoy!!


vikram Thu Nov 29 at 04:33 PM

Great Man, Great Thoughts ...Nice to Know something More about you MAte.....Keep it up .


Comments 1 - 4 of 4


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