i.Netmarks to resell Aspera software in India

By DQC NEWS BUREAU - 3 April, 2006


i.Netmarks Singapore, an affiliate of Tokyo's Netmarks, Inc, will resell Aspera's software solutions in South Asia, including India. This announcement follows the premiere partnership agreement inked recently between Netmarks, Inc. and Aspera, Inc, a start-up specializing in bulk data transfer solutions. i.Netmarks will immediately begin selling Aspera products through a variety of channel partners.
India has the largest number of IT outsourcing companies that provide services to major clients based in the United States. Hence, there is a significant need to transfer large amount of data between India and the United States and other countries, via international networks.

i.Netmarks Singapore believes it is well positioned to help Aspera extend its products into India. i.Netmarks Singapore specializes in providing customized network infrastructure services and Fibre Channel SAN solutions. "We are targeting at IT outsourcing companies in India, and Aspera has established several major reference customers in this sector. We are confident that Aspera solution will help them with their daily operations and improve their productivity," says Ang Swee Huat, Business Development Manager of i.Netmarks Singapore. "As for India market, we are looking at collaborating with system integrators and partners to resell Aspera products to end users. i.Netmarks Singapore will provide technical support to these India partners out of Singapore. In addition, higher-level support will be available from Netmarks Japan and Aspera USA

Aspera's bulk data transfer technology provides throughput independent of the conditions of the network (packet loss and latency), guaranteed delivery time, and control over individual transfer rates and bandwidth sharing. Transfers are secure over both public and private networks. 
The transfer products are cross-platform software applications accommodating a wide variety of workflows. They are specifically designed for the emerging markets of digital media delivery and network file transfer in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer applications.
Depending on available bandwidth and the conditions of the network, Aspera's customers achieve significant improvement in throughput over FTP and HTTP, for transfers over long distance networks, difficult networks (such unreliable International and satellite links), and high bandwidths links. 
Netmarks has run several trials of Aspera software compared to FTP over a network with an effective bandwidth of 55Mbps. Using this network, FTP transfers of a 1-gigabyte file from California to Tokyo took 83min and 29 sec, with 4% bandwidth utilization. Using Aspera SCP, the same 1-gigabyte file was transferred in 2min and 54sec, a 30 times improvement, and with 97% bandwidth utilization. 

“Our customers' wide area data access and transfer needs can be categorized into those that require frequent access of the same file, and those that involve bulk data transfer,” says Yuichi Arai, VP of Netmarks Storage Products Division. 

“Over the past two years, we have focused on incrementally solving the large data delivery problems crossing many industries, and are fortunate to be earning standardization by several major Hollywood studios, broadcasters, and post-production companies,” says Michelle Munson, Aspera Co-Founder and President.

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