SACO to make laptops trendy

By B Swaminathan - 17 May, 2012


Chennai based Sagar Computers (SACO), one of the leading manufacturers of end-to-end laptop accessories, has planned to inaugurate a ‘saloon' which will serve as a center for stylizing laptops and ensure their aesthetic appearance.

Speaking to The DQ Week, P Suresh Khanted, CEO, SACO, said, "A suitcase worth Rs 4,000, which is used rarely, is maintained by investing around Rs 300. Then, for a laptop, which is worth around Rs 30,000 and is used throughout the year, customers must concentrate on maintaining its health and beauty. Maintenance of laptop is like a small four-member family where the screen, top, keyboard, and mouse pad are the key areas to be taken care of for maintaining the long life of a laptop. Our saloon will groom laptops brought to us," he said, adding further that SACO has a wide variety of products to ensure that the laptops look healthy and beautiful.

"The typical attitude of any customer towards anything, be it a product or a relationship, is that they want it for a long time. Our products are well tuned and help customers towards maintaining their laptops for a long run," Khanted said. He further added that the awareness of laptop accessories is growing and the demand for such products is also increasing simultaneously. "We are having channel partners across the country and we are getting very positive responses," informed Khanted, saying that the margins in these products are very supporting for the channel partners, as they will get to sell a lot of numbers in the market because of the growing demand.


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