Top 16 Distributor Chiefs of 2016


Life just gives you situations; it is how you think or handle the situations which make them tough or easy. Let’s take God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar. When bombarded with bouncers by Brett Lee or Shoaib Akhtar, Sachin never flinched or cried but rather turned it to his advantage by employing the upper cut over slips. RAH Infotech too has turned adversity into opportunity – when the whole nation was reeling under demonetization impact, RAH Infotech believed that demonetization will bring business to them.

Why does RAH think that demonetization is a ‘MAUKA’ and one can easily smash a ‘CHAUKA’ on it. Says Ashok Kumar MD & CEO, RAH Infotech, “This time of the year is good for us, because after government’s decision to ban 500s & 1000s old currency notes, people are submitting old notes to banks and this has suddenly increased the transaction rate in banks. This translates into more demand in banking solutions and will definitely bring business for us. We are seeing growth in this time of demonetization; banks will invest more in IT Sector for their betterment and this will be a golden period for us.”


Anyway, both FY16 and FY17 have seen solid and sustainable schemes from RAH Infotech; there was a 50% growth last year and RAH expects to continue with the same momentum this year. The company has believed in ‘Karma Kar Phal ki Chinta Na Kar’ and therefore has not been pulled back by any constraints. Their 50% growth last year came from Radware, Microtek, Forescout, F-Secure, Gemalto – truly ‘Hum Paanch’ packs a solid punch.

While these five are RAH’s old friends, like every man – it also needs new friends to grow. The new OEMs who came into the RAH fold in 2016 include Net South, WinMagic, Actifio, Data Resolve and Device 42. These new principles helped RAH increase its top-line by 5% during FY16.

Geographically, RAH is present in all major cities like Gurugram (Head Office), Ahemdabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi (Regional Office), and Noida. It has also marked  its presence in the international market with offices in Dubai, Nepal, Singapore, U.K. and U.S.A. Rather than investing in too many areas and losing focus, RAH Infotech is not on online medium and also does not have any Non IT OEM.

Margins are always a challenge for every distributor so as for RAH Infotech, but big players always train before the game as ‘SULTAN’. A pre-plan, most of the time leads to success, if everything is done systematically than there is a less chance for error. “Margins are always challenge, we always put extra margins so that, we can manage things easily without any loss”.

RAH Infotech’s plans for 2017 are very clear; they will take several more steps in the field of data. They will try to add some more products in cloud. “OEM’s are coming up with the solutions, we are moving towards data for that we are building a team to manage” says Ashok Kumar.

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