10 ACI Computers India:Year Of Consolidation

For a newcomer, ACI Computer India has managed to carve out a comfortable niche for itself in the highly competitive distribution market. 1999-00 was a year of consolidation for the company. The first step in this direction came from consolidating their strategies regarding import and rupee channels. ACI also further strengthened its relationships with principals like Wipro and HCL to augment their growth. Credit to this can be given to the team of ACI who are very cohesive.

With its presence in 11 locations across the country, the company is focussing on entering the upcountry markets. The company hopes that this will add to their bottom line and enhance business presence regions in the upcoming regions.

ACI touched the Rs 106 crore mark in 1999-00 up from Rs 62 crore in 1998-99. However the growth rate showed a decline falling from 124 percent in 1998-99 to 72 percent in 1999-00.

However, the company has decided to expand it product portfolio to become a one-stop-solution for the system builder channel. Following this decision, ACI signed up LanBit, which should make a significant impact on the company’s projection turnover for 2000-2001. The main agenda set by ACI for itself is to increase its market and expand its dealer network. It is also keen to distinguish itself in the over-crowded market as a provider of quality service.

ACI has started to integrate technology into its own business. To take care of critical issues like warranty and quality, the company has a team of professionals developing a customized ERP software. This will be implemented to provide warranty support across all locations.

The company is also working on establishing its web presence. The site will have direct links with the company’s principals like Microsoft, Seagate, LanBit, Teac etc. The move has been taken to facilitate faster B2B transactions. The company as no plans to address the B2C market through their web site.

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