10 Tech Giants that announced recent Job cuts

It’s been testing times for several sectors in the technology world.  Companies have had it tough which has led to employees being laid off for a variety of reasons. In India as well, several companies have been forced to let go off employees and it doesn’t paint for a pretty picture. Since the turn of the year, we have seen headlines about massive layoffs pop up every now and then. Here we list out 10 companies that have already laid off or are reportedly in the process of doing so

Aircel: Nearly 5000 jobs lost

Telenor: 700 jobs lost

Hike India: 25% of workforce

Lava India: 4000 employees

HP Inc: 5,000 employees

Ricoh: 4,000 employees

Ericsson: 10,000 employees

Siemens: Close to 7000 employees

HTC: 1,500 employees

Huawei: Nearly 30% of total workforce

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