12 DATAPRO INFOWORLD LTD:Mobilizing Channel Power

Datapro InfoWorld’s distribution division partners companies like Microsoft, APC, Computer Associates, Citrix, E-Lock Technologies, Corel, and VSOFT.
New product lines like Quark, Nortel Networks and Packeteer contributed Rs 58.2 crore to the company’s revenue of Rs 100 crore in 1999-2000, almost 100 percent increase over the previous fiscal.

Datapro has adopted a value-added distribution model, wherein their current network of 1,250 channel partners are in position to offer a complete solution to their customers.

A series of channel programs helped develop channel loyalty while the synergy of the new product lines with the old helped to pull more partners. A qualified and motivated support team also helped

Promotional activities carried out for channel partners during the last year could be classified into five broad categories. There were target-based rebate programs throughout the year for almost all lines of business. This helped building up channel loyalty. Then there was a channel executive incentive program where incentive programs were run for the executives of their channel partners. Since this was a target-based rebate program it added to the excitement.

Datapro and its vendors also conducted a series of training programs in every region to upgrade skill sets of channel partners to ensure better sales. Datapro also resorted to joint mailing campaigns as well as joint participation in road shows and exhibitions as part of brand building exercises.

Datapro also had a special millennium program for channels to qualify for the Top 100 Club and those who qualified attended a special meet at Hotel Cidade De Goa, absolutely free.

Technology inputs had their role to play. Improvements in Datapro’s existing commercial system including making all documents flow from regional locations were converted onto an Internet backbone.

This year Datapro plans to double its revenues by adding more products, which have a synergy with its current portfolio. It is also gearing for e-business. With the development of a web—enabled online system, Datapro plans to introduce e-business to its channel partners.

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