15 MEDIAMAN INFOTECH PVT Ltd:A Versatile Distributor

Around 60 per cent of Mediaman Infotech’s Rs 86 crore revenue for 1999-2000 came from IBM HDDs, Transcend memories, HP and Samsung peripherals. Distribution accounted for 50 per cent of the turnover. Products launched in 1999-2000 were Bravish smart card readers, multi-port solutions from Moxa and Bravish generic memories. Mediaman does 60 per cent of its business through channels.

Mediaman is aiming for a 50 to 60 per cent growth in 2000-2001 and it plans to launch 10 products for the SOHO market. Internally, it plans to have real time online transactions from January 2001. This package would consolidate entries and make MIS easier. Every employee has a PC and a proxy server. The idea is to get more results with the same staff. It has an employee turnover of 25 per cent.

During 1999-2000, Mediaman distributed products like printers, HDDs CPUs, memories and CD-Writers. It also sold software packages. Memory specific proprietary memory solutions, hot pluggables-hot swapables, HDDs, SCSI HDDs which are used for servers, raid solutions (multiple controller for complex machines), multi-port solutions, real-time back up systems that sit inside the server, notebook HDDs, smart card readers etc were other sources of revenue.

Incidentally, Mediaman Infotech is divided into various separate profit centers representing 57 MNCs. One is Here & Now which promotes touch and feel to the end customer of high-tech products. This is a chain of shops where end users can use their palmtops or digital camera before deciding to buy. There are three showrooms in Mumbai, with seven more in the offing.

Bravish, is another profit center that distributes high quality generic memories with lifetime warranty, with USB modems and LCD multimedia monitors. Bravish also distributes smart card readers, flexible keyboards and notebooks.

Mediaman Services, a servicing arm as well as a separate profit center, has 45 trained techno-commercial engineers conversant with the latest technologies. Consultancy is offered free and it translates into sales of equipment from any of the profit centers. Another profit center called Achievers, addresses only OEMs and the suburban market with products spanning 57 brands.

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