2023 Prospects in IT Businesses

2023 prospects in IT Business about coming year by IT leaders from different segments of the technlogy sector

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IT business leaders have offered their perspectives on the prospects of IT segments in 2023. Following are their thoughts for 2023.


“In 2022, the smartphones market in India declined, driven by market uncertainties and supply chain complexities. Weakening demand and increasing device prices negatively impacted festive buying as well.  However, in 2023, the smartphone market is expected to see a steady rise in distribution and sales globally, with 5G-enabled devices expected to make up a significant share of electronics distribution.

With a presence of about two decades in the mobility business, Redington has been part of the evolution of this category in India from a nascent stage. Its mobility business offers a portfolio of world-class brands and products including Smartphones, Wearables, and accessories. It partners with the best of brands and is instrumental in evolving several GTMs in association with its brand partners. It integrates multiple Omni channel touch points to provide end customers a seamless consumer experience, with no technology friction, in terms of buying, payments and timed-delivery.

However, with such opportunities comes the challenge of the lightning speed of innovation and its subsequent delay in adoption causing Technology Friction. Redington Limited has identified this gap and is aiming to reduce this friction between what the customer wants and its availability. Integrating omni channel touch points is one such effort that will provide end customers a seamless consumer experience, in terms of buying, payments and timed-delivery and thereby, reducing technology friction for its customers.”

--By Athreya K Prasad, Group Head- AMG, Redington

“In the year 2022, Avaali achieved remarkable success. Enterprises around the world embraced automation to reduce costs and unlock operational resilience. With the global economy in flux, numerous businesses recognized the importance of concentrating on their controllable costs. This enabled them to remain competitive and weather any financial uncertainty. Enhancing P&L impact and margins through digital investments was given immense priority. Cost takeout initiatives with digital, including automation and increased productivity, were key focus areas for many organizations. Avaali teamed up with numerous clients to help them achieve cost-reduction goals through digital solutions. The company's portfolio of solutions for delivering P&L impact via digital solutions enabled companies to bring down their cost of operations, including Sourcing, Procurement, Supply Chain, F&A, Legal & Contracts and HR. We grew our order book by over 150%. Our business successfully obtained various projects related to Shared services transformation and Business Process automation, including Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Workflow automation, and end-to-end Procure Pay processes.

By using automation tools, businesses could make better decisions faster than ever before, allowing them to move further ahead of the competition by completing tedious manual tasks quicker so they could focus on improving other areas of their business, such as marketing or customer service.This shift towards automated processes has revolutionized the modern workplace by making it more efficient and productive across multiple sectors worldwide, giving businesses a more significant edge over competitors who still need to adopt similar practices or technologies in 2022. Avaali was at the forefront of such initiatives because of our comprehensive range of solutions that enable enterprises to deliver P&L impact via digital.”

--By Srividya Kannan, Founder and Director, Avaali Solutions

“The datacentre ecosystem will continue to thrive over the next decade – demand will continue to increase owing to the digitisation wave resulting in growing datacentre infrastructure and cloud deployments, both of which will continue to grow between 20 to 25% over the next decade.

 As for 2023, there will be a renewed focus on data protection and security, and the need for edge datacentres will continue to rise. Further, datacentres are crucial to the rollout of 5G. Datacentres are anticipated to make improvements in infrastructure, connectivity and administrative services to support 5G services. And most importantly, data centres will operate more sustainably as companies are pressured to take action in response to growing climate change awareness.”

--By Sumit Mukhija, CEO, STT Global Datacentres India


“The adoption of cloud technology is increasingly growing as economies recover from the impact of the pandemic. New trends in cloud computing such as hybrid cloud, and personal cloud technologies are on the rise, due to the return to office trend. As per industry forecasts, the global cloud services market is expected to grow at 20.7% in 2023, which is higher than the 18.8% growth registered in 2022.

Redington enables cloud implementation across industries for all company sizes. Its partnership with hyper scalers like AWS, Microsoft and Google Cloud, integrated SI partnership network helps businesses to avail services like Cloud adoption, assessment, modernisation, optimisation, automation and operations along with hybrid hosting models while ensuring a secure transition. Migration to the cloud is a journey and will continue in 2023, as businesses will accelerate their inclination toward IT modernisation initiatives and look to adopt additional cloud services.”

--By Rakshit Bhatt, Head Cloud, Business Group, Redington

These leaaders are optimistic about their businesses growing in 2023, as they feel that the potential clients base will need these products and services more and more.

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