24 WELLWIN INDUSTRY:Strong Player Of The South

The tie-up with Acer Peripherals for distributing its products in the south was a major event for Wellwin Industry during 1999-00, which wants to become the leading supplier of peripherals in the south. It wants to represent major vendors and supply every peripheral sought by customers. Wellwin distributes HP desktops, Acer monitors and keyboards, and hard disks from all the major vendors.

With big names like HP, Seagate, Quantum, Fujitsu and Sony already under its belt, Wellwin has an array of international brands to boast about. It has posted a healthy growth of 82 percent with a revenue of Rs 46.5 crore during 1999-00 as compared to Rs 25.5 crore of 1998-99.

Wellwin is concerned about the market fluctuations that adversely affect channel partners and end-users. It endeavors to minimize the impact of these fluctuations on its partners to ensure that their business does not suffer. It aims to supply products as and when required by partners and customers.

The company does not like the way vendors sometimes flood the market with their products. This adversely affects margins and weak partners take a heavy beating. Wellwin tries to protect its partners from technology obsolescence by training them in latest technologies and products.

Wellwin’s ambition is to grow 100 percent every year. It wants to do this by identifying vendors who come out with products that are technologically advanced.

The attrition rate at Wellwin has been negligible mainly because employees have a chance to work in various other divisions of the company besides IT. The management of the company is of the opinion that it has been able to retain people because it is transparent in its policies and deals with employees in an ethical fashion.

Ambitious growth plans have been charted out at Wellwin for 2000-01. The revenue that is being targeted is Rs 70 crore. There are also plans to expand the channel base from the current 410 to 1,000 by March 2001.

Wellwin wants to build up a loyal channel network with a new program called, ‘Winning Edge Partner’. Talks are going on for new tie-ups including an US-based storage product company.

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