25 – SUPERTRON ELECTONICS:The Achiever From The East

With a revenue of Rs 45.6 crore during 1999-00, Supertron Electronics has shown an impressive growth of 82 percent against the revenue of Rs 25 crore during 1998-99. The major milestone that contributed to this growth was the geographical expansion of the company to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Ahmedabad. Supertron has a total of five offices all over the country.

Principals did most of the promotional activities for Supertron. On its part, the company ran a few incentive schemes to motivate dealers. Fax modems and Internet-ready systems brought in maximum revenue for the company.

Supertron faced no business setbacks during 1999-00. It achieved targets that it set for itself for every product. Two new products were launched for the channels during the fiscal – Intel CPUs and HP peripherals.

The leader from the Eastern India is aiming at a conservative growth of 60 percent this year, 20 percent lower than what was achieved last year. Supertron wants to expand geographically rather than increase the product offering.

Of course, the exception is the new tie-up with Mantra online to sell to sell its Internet connections. Elsewhere, the strategy is to consolidate the current tie-ups instead of going for new ones.

Supertron does not find it difficult to retain people. Last year only two employees decided to leave the organization. Currently the employee strength is 53.

The company wants to increase the reach for its own PC brand called Supercomp. Supertron wants to expand to the entire Eastern region with its PC. It is confident that its brand will contribute to both, top and bottom line growth in the current year.

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