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3i Infotech to Incubate Campus Labs on Cloud-Based Management

3i Infotech, a global Information Technology company, has announced to incubate Campus Labs, an India-based global education ERP player with the objective of digitising the education sector, where there is a huge lacuna felt presently. This initiative comes under 3i Infotech’s unique ‘entrepreneur-in-residence’ programme, where the entrepreneur like Ashish Srivatsava – founder of Campus Labs get to leverage the benefits from 3i Infotech’s global reach, resources, investments, synergy of cloud and SaaS solutions to scale the product for global outreach and delivery. It serves as an ideal proposition to bootstrap startups and young entrepreneurs.  

The programme allows technology entrepreneurs to join hands with 3i Infotech to invent new value creating intellectual property in the fields of 5G, Edge Services, cognitive computing services and education technology. It is part of 3i Infotech’s plan to incubate and accelerate startups, to fuel new services lines and build new IPs. 

Through the incubation of Campus Labs under the resident entrepreneur program, the company would aim to strengthen its foothold in the education space, both in India and internationally. The new entity ‘NuRe Campus’, will offer cloud-based enterprise automation solutions for higher educational institutions and universities, helping them seamlessly manage their entire administrative and management processes through its unique data-driven approach. It would be a one-of-a-kind turnkey offering, that will manage the complete student lifecycle – from admission to learning and assessments of universities and colleges. 

NuRe Campus Automation encompasses a suite of solutions. Which includes – a 360-degree student management, eLearning and assessment, finance and operations, and HR and administration solutions. It offers over 50+ dedicated modules to build the best university management system in India, to be scaled in a phased manner globally as well. The solution would have data security and privacy built in it, which is of utmost priority to Campus Automation. With absolute real-time support from the dedicated enterprise automation experts, it will offer secure cloud, role-based access, password & OTP encryption, auto-alerts for data security, located in multiple locations ensuring disaster recovery. 

Speaking on the potential of the education market and the role 3i Infotech will play, Thompson P. Gnanam, Managing Director, and Global CEO, 3i Infotech, said, “With the success of our entrepreneur whom we are helping incubate, we call upon other young innovators and startups in emerging technologies such as RPA who have great ideas and potential and need mentorship and incubation, to reach out to us.  The education sector is undergoing a paradigm shift towards embracing digital, and we want to be at the forefront of it by being a change agent. Through our ‘Entrepreneur-in-Residence’ programme we want to provide entrepreneurs like Ashish a conducive ecosystem where they can innovate, invent, and scale their offering globally through 3i Infotech’s best-in-breed cloud offerings and global network. Unlike some of the other sectors, the education sector has been seen as a laggard in adopting technology. However, the opportunity is immense with the global education ERP market size as per industry estimates is expected to grow from USD 12.7 billion in 2021 to USD 25.2 billion by 2026 and our offerings are aligned to meet the challenges of both domestic and international markets.”

NuRe Campus is currently serving over 1 million registered students in more than 25 academic institutions of repute, which include – Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, National Institute of Science Education and Research, Panjab University and ITM institutions, among others.  Irrespective of whether the institution is large or small, Campus Automation provides a solution that fits all, as it can be customized unlike the others in the industry. It can also serve the government & public sector. 

Speaking on the value that the ‘entrepreneur-in-residence’ programme will help it unlock, Ashish Srivastava, Founder of Campus Labs, said, “Building a world-class offering at Campus Labs over the last decade has been an exhilarating journey for all of us. The challenges and difficulties faced by the education sector are unique across markets and geographies and needs an organisation that understands it and is capable to offer a customised solution. Together with common synergies we share with 3i Infotech, which is deeply embedded in technology and holds digitisation and transformation of organisations at its core, I believe we are going to create an industry leading platform that is truly going to revolutionise the education sector.”

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