How to save the environment

4 steps on How to save the environment for employee/organization

How to save the environment? This is the biggest question everyone has nowadays. According to recent reports, paper consumption is expected to reach 23.5 million TPA by 2025 in India is currently at ~15 million tonnes per annum (TPA). This is a staggering number considering the threats that our environment is facing due to our actions.

It is sad that companies are the major consumers of paper as processes like invoices, balance sheets, drafts, letters, etc have to file mandatorily. However, they too are doing their bit by avoiding printing paper, growing saplings as part of employee engagement activities, etc. Is it enough? Maybe not because according to the World Wide Fund for Nature, we are losing 130,000 square km of forest covers every day. It is imperative that every employee of an organization does their bit, a conscious attempt to go paperless can be an excellent starter to save paper.  While there are some processes that still require paper, there are a lot of platforms that an employee can adopt to reduce their carbon footprint.

Here are 4 steps on How to save the environment an employee/organization can take towards saving their environment.

File reimbursements online: Employees have been filing their reimbursements manually since the longest of time, imagine the amount of time and effort is wasted and not to forget the paper that they use! There are multiple platforms like Zeta that help digitizes the entire process—from the distribution of grants at an HR manager’s end, to completely digitizing the way claims are uploaded, tracked and finally claimed by employees. Zero use of paper and a big step towards the environment!

Storing documents virtually: Employees often print documents that have to be shared across offices or just plain carry to a meeting. With a platform like Google Drive, an employee has the liberty of not only storing documents but preparing them on the go too. This means employees can use these tools for writing reports, create slideshow presentations all on the same platform. So next time you’re about to hit “Ctrl+P” or thinking of starting a new journal, consider adopting a paperless method through Google Drive

Virtual team messaging: Team messengers, in general, offer a platform that helps people connect anytime, anywhere and aids the virtual workforce. Lesser meetings, lesser paperwork, lesser huddling for catch up calls. The rich and intuitive messenger, as well as the customizable modules,  helps people to manage their teams and processes better with automated workflow. This powerful platform also enables users to integrate frequently used external apps (like Google Drive, Instagram, Facebook and more) and even build a custom app, bots, and integrations. The handiest team messengers available today are Flock, Yahoo Messengers, Hangouts, etc.

Digital HR processes: Every employee must be familiar with using paper for processes like leave application, income tax declaration, etc. If they adopt a platform like Pocket HCM – an employee self-service portal that will give you the freedom to view, manage and update your personal details on the go. This not only means faster processes but less wastage of paper as everything is digitized!

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