5 must-have apps for solo women travelers!

Being a solo women travelers in India can be an exhilarating and frustrating experience in equal parts, even more so if you are in a state that speaks a completely different language, if you are in an area that’s known to be unsafe or if you aren’t sure of your directions.

Here is a  list of 5 apps that will be the perfect travel buddy for you

1) Google Translate: While language may not be a barrier in many Indian states, it definitely is in some. In such cases, having a handy translation app in hand will help you find exactly what you need.





2) LinCodes: When in a new city, getting lost is practically expected. That’s why a handy way-finding app is a necessary addition to your arsenal. Especially one that locates your location in as precise a manner as possible and generates a simple 12-digit numeric code for even the most complex address. Also, this app works offline! So now, you no longer have to worry about where you are, how to pronounce the name of the location or figure out how to communicate it to somebody. LinCodes will do it all for you.


3) Uber/Ola: We’re all familiar with these taxi-on-demand apps that are practically a lifesaver in numerous situations. But if you’ve not yet downloaded either or both of these apps, then it’s high time you did! While public transport is always available, there are high chances that you’ll be stuck in a city with unreliable or non-existent transport options, or they may just be unsafe. In such a situation, theUber or Ola apps are practically a necessity.


4)  Smart 24×7: A security app that’s linked to the police! Sounds interesting? That’s the beauty of Smart 24×7! With a special panic button that connects directly to the police or to a pre-designated emergency contact, a feature that allows it to click photos or record audio/video of a particular situation and unique tracking features, this app has everything to keep you safe in a new place.


5)  OYO Rooms: So you’ve made your travel plans, booked your tickets, planned your itinerary, and booked your hotels. But as it’s said, for every plan A, there needs to be a plan B. In this case, it’s the OYO Rooms app. So if you find yourself stranded in a new city and the room you’ve booked is suddenly unavailable, this app is exactly what you’ll need!


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