5 UPS Brands Growing with Channel Partner Ecosystem

Vertiv, Eaton, Luminous, APC, and Zebronics have built a strong channel partner ecosystem in India under the IT peripheral and UPS domain.

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5 UPS Brands Growing with Channel Partner Ecosystem

In India UPS or uninterrupted power systems have seen an uprise in their sales. In parts of India, power outages are one of the biggest concerns. Consequently, leading to a rise in the demand for UPS. There are some key players in this segment, which hold a significant share of the market. Over a period they have built a strong channel partner ecosystem in India. Namely, Vertiv, Eaton, Luminous, APC, and Zebronics. 


These brands work closely with resellers, ISVs, and V-A-Rs to boost sales in this domain. Furthermore, With its power backup systems, India works uninterruptedly.

In 2022, the UPS Market in India was worth INR 84,794.76 million. It is predicted to experience strong growth during the forecast period due to beneficial government initiatives and an increasing need for power backup solutions. The market is expected to register a CAGR of 7.32%.

Strong collaboration with IT channel partners


Vertiv, Eaton, Luminous, APC, and Zebronics, have built a name in this sector and offer a wide range of products. For instance, Each brand has its own unique selling point (USP) that makes it stand out among others. 

Vertiv - 

Vertiv has seen extensive growth in the Indian markets. They offer a wide range of UPS which can be used for data centers, communication networks, and some industrial facilities. They constantly evolve and innovate which has helped them in having a strong foothold in this domain. From April 1st to 30th June 2023 they even run summer deals for their channel partners. Consequently, That helped boost the business exponentially.


Eaton - 

Eaton Power was established in the year 1911. With time it evolved and entered the IT peripheral domain. In 2022, their revenue was $20.8 billion worldwide. They follow the strategy of working closely with their IT channel partners. They have a wide network of resellers, distributors, system integrators, and VARs. Subsequently, Eaton offers competitive pricing, discounts, and high incentives under their channel partner program. Furthermore, They design training and enablement programs for them to impart knowledge related to the latest product features, applications, etc.

Luminous -


Luminous is a brand focused on individual households. They manufacture UPS mainly for residential needs. It is a brand reckoned all over India. They have a vast network of channel partners as well as they manufacture more than 85% of their products in India, which boosts the Make In India initiative. Luminous has a strong presence in the northern belt, especially in states like Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh.

APC - 

APC is a brand that comes under Schneider Electric. Under the name of MySchneider IT program, they offer varied benefits to the IT channel partners. APC has carved its niche in this domain by offering user-friendly designs and advanced features. It caters to homes, businesses, and data centers. Moreover, they have designed special programs for the sustained growth of the channel partner ecosystem.


Zebronics -

Zebronics provides its services to SOHO or Small office/ Home office sector. In the UPS market, it is famous for its affordable options. Moreover, it doesn’t lack performance, which makes it a preferred choice among customers. 

What impact does the channel partner ecosystem have on Indian UPS Market?


The rise in work-from-home culture during covid resulted in to increase in sales of individual households. Over the past five years, brands like Zebronics, APC, Luminous, Eaton, and Vertiv grew exponentially. According to industry reports, the sales numbers have shown an average compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 8% during this period.

As India continues its journey toward digitalization and economic growth, the importance of reliable power backup solutions will only intensify. Likewise, The collaboration of these UPS brands signifies a commitment to address the evolving needs of the Indian market. By fostering a strong sales and channel partner ecosystem, they are well-positioned to drive innovation, offer customer-centric solutions, and contribute to the nation's progress.

To sum up, the collaborative effort of Vertiv, Eaton, APC, Zebronics, and Luminous shows the strength of working together toward a common goal. They have strengthened India's power backup system, ensuring that businesses and homes can prosper despite power issues. Consequently, Their commitment to excellence and unity will have a lasting impact on India's UPS market for years to come.

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