8 Faces of Indian IT

8 Faces of Indian IT: Channel Heads of top Vendors who contribute 80% to the overall market

They have powers, they can lead you to the peak, and they are called Channel Heads. No company can flourish without them. We here present eight super channel heads of India who are dedicated to transform lives of consumers and giving them more freedom to live a better life. There is no comparison scale for them; you can give your own ratings.

Boss No.1 :  Anil Sethi, Dell-EMC

In Hindi there is a common parlance Bada hai to behtar hai — that’s a line that suits to a tee the newly integrated Dell-EMC entity in 2017.anil-sethi

2016 witnessed the biggest merger in the tech industry history—again in Hindi parlance, the Dell-EMC Milan. If the marriage happened in 2016, it is being successfully consummated in 2017. Integration done, structure changed, roles redefined—the new Dell-EMC entity, like everwhere else in the world, is ready to run now in India.

The jumbo combo of Dell-EMC with 4000 partners base in India, now has the ability to deal with each and every type of IT needs of consumers and partners. The overall product and solutions portfolio has enlarged and as a consequence the channel is more prominent now.

Following the announcement, Anil Sethi is the leading name for Channel on the Dell-EMC block;  reporting into the Tian Beng Ng, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Channels Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ), Dell EMC. From February 6 onward, Dell-EMC officially functions as the new entity.

Commenting on the merger, Sethi said, “It’s the biggest merger in the history of the IT Industry. And the biggest advantage of this merger is that the entire product portfolio is strong and most of the products are number one in their respective categories. Not a single OEM other than Dell possesses this. For a customer, it’s a win-win situation, as it will ease his buying process.”

With the level of partner integration Dell and EMC has had to deal with in the last few months, it was supposed to be a big maddening affair; however, contrary to expectations, it seems that everything has been peacefully done under the supervision of Sethi. “There is huge excitement and enthusiasm amongst the partner fraternity with this new environment. Our partners are all charged up. We were thinking that integration would be a concern but I am getting all good feedback from partners. Our new year will begin on February 6, and new partner programs will weave them together and it will be a big advantage to them.”

The new entity brings new roles and structure with the company segmenting markets into two parts. The Commercial segment is headed by Alok Ohrie (the erstwhile head of EMC India) and the enterprise segment is headed by Rajesh Janey (the erstwhile head of EMC India).  There is a common channel team, headed by Anil Sethi, which will pitch into both segments. Dell-EMC has a separate organization called CSB, i.e Client Solution Business, where the entire consumer line of products is handled under the leadership of P. Krishna Kumar.

Praveen Sahai, earlier heading channels for EMC India, now moves into an APAC based partner management role. Sahai will play a crucial role in growing and driving Dell-EMC’s channel partner, distribution and systems integrators strategy by deepening current partnerships as well as creating new partnerships in the region.

There are few points where Dell-EMC will be focusing on post February 6: distribution channel, service to large accounts, and developing market and acquiring new partners.

Dell-EMC has a huge partner base which is categorized into metal partners; Titanium Black (elite partners only), Titanium, Platinum and Gold. And t
his entire ecosystem is called the partner led organization.

Dell-EMC has also introduced a new category of four national account channel managers who will be handling top platinum partners and leading different regional managers and partners in the country. “Partner led organization will be handling our metal partners. Also, it will be supporting enterprise and commercial businesses. We have opened our entire market to channels; they can go and do business in any space they want.” informed Sethi.

Though Dell-EMC right now covers the entire country, in the upcoming days there will be a further geo expansion plan rolling out too.

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