“We have more than 900 channel partners across the country”

David Chua, director, distribution business, Asia pacific South, HGST talks about India focus and channel programs


Is storage and data management really a critical factor to operational success?

HGST sets the pace for storage innovation in this evolving industry to help the world harness the power of data. HGST builds on its reputation for producing reliable HDDs and SSDs, and developing tighter integration with software to optimize storage efficiency and reliability in businesses around the world.

Yes data is the currency of new economy and 86% of CIOs and IT decision makers surveyed believe that all data generated has value if the organization is able to store, access and analyze it optimally. However, less than half (48%) of those surveyed admit that they are not storing all available data, keeping them from unlocking its full value. The results also show a growing trend towards adoption of analytic tools and storage, and highlights Active Archive and Cloud as burgeoning market opportunities.


Are there any specific strategic functioning in India?

As Indian market is growing, we have a different sales team in India who constantly work efficiently. We are making sure that we’ll enhance our go to market capability which is the key. We’re enabling our data center customers and partners to focus on developing new services and capabilities that drive competitive differentiation and profitability for their businesses. The products and solutions announced today ensure that HGST sustains its heritage as the most trusted provider of innovative data storage offerings to maintain market leadership


Do you see any increasing demand for data drives spend by IT?

Data has become the currency of the new economy and the ability to extract value from data is the ultimate competitive edge. Smart organizations are harnessing the power of data to gain understanding, drive predictions and offer new insights.

There is a gap between the amount of data being produced and the ability for companies to store that data. While 78% of those surveyed contend that access to better analytic tools and storage solutions would improve business efficiency, 25% admit that their organization does not have the right mix of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data storage to optimally analyze what data they do have. It is not surprising, then, that respondents cited storage as the primary driver of IT investment, especially in China (77%), France (67%), Germany (66%), and the US and Korea (tied at 62%).


Please unveil your dynamic storage solutions to transform the data center.

New innovations that set the standard for performance, reliability, capacity, agility and efficiency for helping companies harness the power of data and we are broadening our scope of innovation to capture new and growing opportunities in data center storage infrastructure. In addition to maintaining longstanding leadership in storage devices, the new offerings demonstrate our commitment to transform the data center and itself through hardware and software solutions that elevate the value it provides to partners and customers. By creating innovative solutions that shape the emerging categories of flash fabric solutions and active archive solutions, we ensure to drive the data center evolution by helping organizations readily extract the information, knowledge and wisdom that lies within their data.


Do you see any customer adoption in relation to active archive ?

Active Archive, a sub-segment of the cold storage category, is emerging to address the changing dynamics as data archiving is no longer limited to offline storage with the mindset of “write once” and likely “read never.”

Data accessibility is also a growing concern, and cloud storage was identified as the top discipline for active investment. Public cloud storage growth is expected to quadruple in the next year. Today, only 7% of the respondents keep more than 50% of their data in the cloud, however, 30% expect to keep at least 50% of their data in the cloud a year from now. Data centers are more competitive and Active Archive is running through market on high pace we see lots of customers coming in and they are excited to adopt such product as they’ll be able to archive more data in future and every category whether institution, transport, hospitality etc are very excitedly adopting this.


What sort of attractions you find in India in terms of channel?

At every step, we are innovating with purpose and pace to exceed the expectations of our customers and channel by offering the broadest portfolio of SSDs, HDDs, software and solutions in the industry. We fully believe in working through channels and also have channels across country—North, East, West and South—all are covered. Server market is expected to contribute 697 mn hundred dollars by the year 2015.

It is a good and growing opportunity to be addressed. We have more than 900 channel partners and as channel drives the IT so we have resources across the country. We constantly enhance our new technologies with team and they also have total access to our platform and advance technology products. We emphasize that channel can get continuous new set of information which allows them to sell products convincingly and enhance their bottom line. We have two large distributors – Afnet and neoteric across the country who are going to deal with new range.


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