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K R Chaube with family

From a Customer Support Engineer to an Entrepreneur , the journey of Krupashankar Chaube, Director of Techlink Infoware Private Limited is an inspiration to those who do not believe in restraining their strengths in specific domain and always eager to enter into new and challenging field.


Krupashankar Chaube, Director of a Techlink Infoware Private Limited entered into the business by an accident. Passionate to be different from others, he decided to put all his expertise and skills in the software business. Today, Techlink Infoware is one of the leading Enterprise Business IT Solution Providers in India. The company is executing some of the prestigious international projects, including the data analytics project in Australia.

Initial days

Krupashankar born and brought up in a middle class family in Vasai, an outskirt of Mumbai. After completion of junior college in science stream he decided to pursue his career in Electronics Engineering. After completion of studies, Krupashankar worked with few companies and attempted into business venture informally through family friend and then finally joined the hand in 1993 with Santosh Bijagare who started  Techlink Computers  in late 1992.


“I joined Techlink Computers in 1993. Initially, Techlink was in the hardware component level and peripherals repair business. Techlink used to do repair works of the hardware of Computer sales/services companies,OEMs and some end customers. Later, we moved to services business i.e. AMCs EMCs and then into Sales. After some years, we started focused on sales, services and then over the period of time into solutions and restricted repair s” activities for its own end customers of annually AMC peripheral back office support. During 1995 Techlink Computers rechristened to Techlink Infoware Pvt. Ltd”, he recalls.

Software business was at its nascent stage in the late 90s and Krupashankar and his two business partner soon realized the tremendous business opportunities and growth in the software world. “We realized that if we want to grow with our business, we will need to explore software business. We entered into the software business in 1998 with the introduction of Samir Tapde on board . We started giving customized software development solutions to the organizations on various business domains. Some offshore and domestic software development projects were executed. That business really did well for us”, he says.

However, Krupashankar and his team was exploring for focused business practice in the domain. Going one step ahead, they decided to enter into the Software Product.


 “We had domain knowledge and expertise. We took a cautious decision to enter into product business in 2005 and launched our own ERP solution TRADEANNEX in 2005.It was specifically designed for the post manufacturing business. The beauty of this product is that dealers, distributors and stockists of any trade can use it. TRADEANNEX is widely accepted business application software product across PAN India in various trade verticals of all sizes.”, he says.

Another milestone achievement came in lately in 2010 when iBall siphoned of its end user business of IT products and services with team to Techlink. “That was a breakthrough in our IT solutions business. We got a complete new set of customers and then the success journey started with some big customers coming on board adding to our kitty of IT Solutions business”, he says.

Expanding its portfolio of software products like Asset Incident Management, Office Management Suite.  Techlink forayed into the Cloud solutions, the company has entered into Data Analytics. “Since its inception, Techlink Infoware has gone through many transformations like from a hardware component level and peripherals repair company to Enterprise Business IT Solutions Provider with the prudent Software Development practice and Proven Independent Software (Product) Vendor ”, he says.


Techlink Pacific, a division of Techlink is heading a data analytics project in utility sector in Australia, where the company provides analytics solutions framework BIZ@EYE.

Consistency and Passion keys to success

Krupashankar strongly believes that Consistency and Passion are the two key factors of successful entrepreneurship. He says that diversity and innovation are the critical factors of successful business ventures.


He says that understanding the equation of managing finance in business is very critical thing. He says “Finance management is very important of element in business. If one wants to stable and grow in business, he must know the finance management well.

Krupashankar humbly accepts that he needs to learn a lot in branding and marketing. He admits that despite of having some of the fantastic products, Techlink has not so fair positioned its brand in the market. “We are still hesitant in branding our solutions. But we realize that we need to focus on creating awareness about our company in the market”, he says.

Support at Family Front


Krupashankar says that his family always supported his decisions and kept him motivated during his low times. He admires business acumenship of Sandip Parasurampuria of iball. He is passionate to build network of people and believe in making long lasting and cordial relations in the industry.

“I am a passionate Networker. I love to make relations with people irrespective of subject and business. My temperament is high in this area”, he says.

Ambitious plans ahead


Krupashankar has bigger business plans in the field of Analytics. He is also looking forward to play role in the Smart Cities project. “We would like to be a part of the Smart Cities initiative in the area of automation solutions and data analytics. If opportunity comes across, we would definitely like to play major role”, he says.

Techlink aims to achieve the distinction of being one among the top 100 IT Companies in India providing world class IT Solutions by the year 2020.

Personally, Krupashankar wish to get engaged into liasoining projects and consulting into The Open Group Architecture Framework space. Apart from business, he is wearing many hats at a time as TAIT President, Computer Society of India Mumbai Chapter Secretary and in various capacities at Lions Clubs International Dist. 323A3, Mumbai. He is engaged with various social activities and his contribution to the society is well recognized.

He believes “Leadership is an Attitude.” Public relationship, managing people and situations, liasoining are his key strengths. “If it would have been not in business then I would have justified myself as an IAS officer.” says Chaube with a smile.

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