A Quantam Leap

From component level maintenance to Taiwanese importer, Ashish Mutneja, Director, Quantum Hi Tech, has come long way as a successful entrepreneur

“Have classic feel to my early days. The transition has been huge and also worthwhile,” states Ashish Mutneja. He started his career with HCL HOTRC where he vividly remember learning about the component level maintenance for several gadgets post which he moved on to join Shyam Computers followed which in the Year 1992 with not very deep pockets.

He begun with his own venture which dealt with repairs namely for MBD, HDD for several companies – ICS, Uptron, CMC and DCM Data products. It was a very new project to begin with though for me my work is always fun but over a period of time he realized that repairs shall not be the future as VLSI integrated technology was more and more prevalent in each product and the IC’s were difficult to procure, which urged him to think out of the box.

With his keen interest in the IT Industry he explored several options and the one which struck the right cord in his mind was trading in computer accessories. Hence in 1997 they finally decided it was time to import accessories from Taiwan etc and get into wholesale business and signed distributorship of one networking giant of Taiwan. But found to dismay that working for Taiwanese companies were not his cup of tea and launched his own brand QHMPL – Also popularly known as Quantum Hi-Tech.

Established in the year 2002, Headquartered at New Delhi, Quantum Hi-Tech today is the frontrunner in consumer electronics, security solutions & high-quality IT peripherals, under the brand ‘Quantum Hi-Tech QHMPL’ with its unfailing commitment to highest standards of quality at most affordable prices.

The company has state of the art centre for Research and Development in India focused on quality innovation with latest global standards. Coming from technical background and having a well qualified Technically sound pool of employees, they focused on providing good quality products at affordable prices adapting to Indian conditions.

In  a short span of time Quantum has proven to be one of the most sought after brands in terms of ‘quality’ as well as ‘affordability’.

Company mainly deals in computer accessories , mobile phone accessories and now there main focus area is security products like CCTV cameras, DVR’s etc.

A pioneer in Technology, Quantum has a pan India presence through its wide network comprising of 200+ distributors, 2,000-plus resellers and 25 service touch points which coexist as the strongest pillars that strengthen Quantum Hi-Tech’s foothold as a reckoning player.

Since his college days Ashish always wanted to be an entrepreneur. As though he was made to be so, and it was to be, as the ambition was always high!

Technology has always been his subject of interest if rightly said his passion. Right from the inception of his brand the subject has become his ambition. With the perfect amalgamation of his passion and ambition is the voyage of Quantum Hi Tech.

The biggest achievement is having gained customer confidence on the brand. Also the distributors often tell us that they have not seen any other company with such level of transparency that they have at Quantum Hi Tech. They really feel proud, when they see such remarks online like customer commenting that they could not believe, after buying the product at such a low price but also getting amazing quality. Having been able to survive and grow in such ugly competitive world through innovation and thorough dedication is also an achievement.

The faith in which the brand and the customers show in Quantum Hi Tech has led to our growth and is one of the biggest professional achievements.

Challenges and roadblocks as they call, we believe are mainly to make one stronger by the day and also prepare them for the bigger challenges as by the end of it they are learning experiences. Thus he trongly believe that each and every challenge hides within itself a lesson to learn and he also learned many during the course of his journey.

Keep working hard to the best of your ability and success shall follow – he believes in this mantra of growth both at personal and professional level.

I would summarize this one line – There is no substitute to hard work, even luck follows this rule. Just think about it.

He have a small family which has his father, wife and son. They live together and whatever time he gets, they spend it together. Hobbies were many but he confessed that in this quest for success they did take a back seat.

Personal life mainly consist of spending good time with his school friends and going out on small holiday trips with friends and family .

Professionally, he would like to set up a state of the art manufacturing facility soon, construction for the same has begun, manufacturing in India is although  difficult, but still, he likes to give it a shot to contribute the PM Modi’s Make in India drive .

Personally he would like to retire by the age of 55, by then he hopes his son will be ready to take over and he shall work full time in social work for old age people.



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