‘Aavaz’ dials into Exotel to offer a Premium Customer Communications CRM

Exotel and Aavaz announced their partnership offering an integrated premium customer communications CRM to enhance overall customer engagement. The joint solution will allow businesses to leverage Exotels leading cloud telephony solution for automated inbound and outbound calling services, while Aavaz automatically directs and monitors all calls and agents for consistent customer service and improved sales.

Exotels ease of scalability provides Aavaz with the opportunity to expand into the Indian market and work with clients in the country without investing in any infrastructure or backend work. This partnership with Exotel enables Aavaz to offer their customers a distributed call centre, resulting in better customer engagement.

Aavaz’ philosophy is that all customer communications must be handled by the CRM first and agent second. This communications first approach arms business managers to get complete visibility into customer acquisition, support efforts and ensures that agents comply with all customer engagement best practices.

With the integration of Exotels affordable and flexible cloud telephony infrastructure, businesses now have access to telephony functions previously available only via costly enterprise systems, and also to a flexible workforce that can even work from home.

Research has shown that the cost of acquiring customers is six to ten times greater than retaining an existing customer. One of the most critical touch points for a good customer experience is their telephonic engagement with the company.

Aavaz helps organisations track and monitor every call and guides agents for timely responses and quick query resolution or sales follow up. Integrating Aavaz’s Contact Center Suite (CCS) with Exotels cloud telephony allows businesses to not only reduce the overall cost but also ensures that customers get a premium engagement experience.

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