ABCD creates Warranty Support Group

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The Association of Bhavnagar Computer Dealers (ABCD) has created a Warranty Support Group (WSG), to provide required post-sales support for products, because it is often noticed that some vendors do not uphold the warranty policies they offer. Ketan Trivedi, Secretary, ABCD said, “There is no local warranty support from principal companies extended to most products we sell in the region. Sometimes it takes over a month for defective products to be replaced and customers would not do anything about this. Now the same customers facing these problems can approach the WSG and the problems will be solved under the banner of ABCD.”


The association has send mails to vendors requesting them to set a standard warranty support for their products. It is reported that some of the vendors have also reverted positively. “The core focus of WSG is to provide a proper warranty structure to customers as a whole,” said Trivedi.

To support the concept of setting up a warranty structure, the association had printed ABCD recommended service list and AMC price list and issued the same to all its members. The laminated list recommends all members to implement a standard rate policy as part of their sale plans. “This is just a recommendation and we are not imposing on the members of the association. We thought this will be a good opportunity to create trust in the minds of our customers, which helps to improve the business of the dealers in Bhavnagar,” said Trivedi

ABCD will soon launching a customer support guide, which will be circulated to all the members of the association. The book will be a service guide and contains different section like welcome note, guideline for customer, standard warrant policy, free service coupon, chargeable service coupon, toll free number and ABCD recommended price.

“There are four free coupons in the book, where customers will get four free services in one year. Under chargeable coupons, the customers will also get service to the products, but they have to pay service charge for that. We have also mentioned toll free numbers of the principle companies to help the customers to lock the complaints directly,” added Trivedi.

ABCD will circulate the customers support guide to its registered members and the members will bundle the book at the time of product selling. The association members showed full confidence to increase the number of members to the association as well as customers in near future.