Accessibility Makes The Difference

If the business of Mumbai-based Sejutronics has grown rapidly, it is because the promoters, Sanjay Gandhi and Prakash Modi are easily accessible to their partners and customers. Of course, D-Link as a brand and with its unfailing support too has contributed for the business to prosper. 

What strikes one when you walk into the office of Sejutronics is the incessant ringing of phones. Majority of the calls are for Sanjay Gandhi and Prakash Modi, the promoters of the company. But none of the callers is given the customary reply that bosses are in a meeting or out of the office. 


Promoters: Sanjay Gandhi and Prakash Modi
Address: Sejutronics, Shubham Center No 2, 2nd Floor, Chakala, Andheri (E), Mumbai – 400 093
Tel: 022-8261000
Fax: 022-8261008
Start up year: 1995
Activities: D-Link authorized distributor for Mumbai

All calls, even the most mundane ones, are attended to personally by Sanjay and Prakash. A refreshing change from the regular corporate rigmarole of going through a secretary, then a marketing executive and then on to the person you want to speak to.

It is this accessibility to customers and channel partners alike that has helped Sejutronics position itself firmly in the networking skyline of Mumbai city. 

How it all began

Back in 1991, as an extension of their family business, Sanjay and Prakash started trading in electronic components and later importing connectors as well as manufacturing them at a factory in Pune in collaboration with a Taiwanese company. This international exposure showed them the direction the future would take towards IT, and, more specifically networking. 

So in 1994, the duo decided to close the chapter on their connector manufacturing business and started with distribution of Accton products. 

But soon they were disillusioned with the service offered by the vendor. Says Sanjay, “We would do our bit to push the product but we did not get the right support from our vendor. So we decided to change vendors.”

Scanning the horizon for a strong contender in the networking segment, the two focused on D-Link. The brand was beginning to be recognized and they were confident that as the vendor grew they would grow as well. 

Sejutronics tied up with D-Link in 1995 as its sole authorized distributor for Mumbai. “Unlike other companies D-Link has one distributor for one region, which means that our territory is well-mapped out. This has worked to our benefit as
we do not have to worry about any other distributor in our region,” says Sanjay.

Another advantage was their long experience in this business. Sanjay has over 22 years experience while Prakash has been in the electronic industry for over 33 years. This has helped them build up a strong customer base, which came in handy while selling networking products.

Banking on D-Link 

Sanjay and Prakash spared nothing to reach D-Link products to as many partners as possible. When D-Link entered the structured cable market, the duo did not hesitate to go for these products as well. “We did not have any experience in structured cabling, but we were sure that with D-Link’s backing, we will be able to succeed in this segment too,” says Sanjay.

D-Link too is happy with its fruitful association with Sejutronics. Says, Sanjay Sehgal, Area Manager, D-Link India, “What has helped the company is their personal relationships with their customers. This close rapport has enabled them to maintain their growth over the years.” 

He is also all praise for Sejutronic’s handling of regular training seminars, wherein they invite all their channel partners and give then a chance to understand how the latest networking technology works.

Backed by D-Link’s extensive product range, Sejutronics has seen rapid growth in business. In its first year, Sejutronics registered a turnover of Rs 6 crore while in last fiscal the company closed its books at Rs 65 crore. For 2001-2002, Sanjay expects a turnover of Rs 80

“Today we have realized only 20 percent of the total networking potential in the city. With the gradual increase in the usage of computers, more and more networking will be required,” says Sanjay.

Adds Prakash, “All the new residential complexes boast of 24-hour Internet connectivity today. This means that each and every apartment has to be networked to a central hub. Also, all government institutions as well as financial organizations are going in for computerization. These developments indicate that there is immense scope for networking business.”

Multiple selling models

Sejutronics does not concentrate on a single customer segment to bring home the bacon, but instead sells to diverse segments through multiple channels. It has five authorized dealers who then cater to their own network of resellers. The company also caters to systems integrators and OEMs like Patni Computer Services, CMS and Zenith Computers. 

Besides, end-customers like Lilavati and Hinduja Hospital as well Bombay Suburban Electrical Supply or BSES, are on its client list. Sejutronics has also started bidding for tenders of government organizations like the Railways. 

Ask Sejutronics what their mantra for success has been and both Sanjay and Prakash chorus, “D-Link’s superior products and support along with our hard work.” As an afterthought Sanjay adds, “We have also been able to take advantage of D-Link’s support offerings, which is just as important.” 

Sejutronics enjoys very close relationships with its customers. Says Sanjay, “I have known Jaichandran of PCS for the past 18 years, though he has started buying D-Link products only in the past few years.” 

S Jaichandran, Controller, Purchase and Planning of PCS agrees that in his decade-long dealing with Sejutronics, he was impressed with the prompt service provided. “Whether it is an enquiry or delivering a product, you can always be sure of a swift response,” he adds.

Employee strength 

Sejutronics has grown from strength to strength in the past five years in terms of manpower employed. What started off as a 13-member outfit, today boasts of over 32 people on their payrolls. The company has been spared of high labor turnover with most of the staff sticking around for a long time. 

Ganesh Shanbhag, Technical Head, Sejutronics relates this to the stability of the organization. “In the current scenario, where people are hired and fired, ours is an organization where there is stability of career as well as prospects for future growth.” He adds that he has benefited tremendously from the technological insights he has got from his job.

Yasha Kotian, a newcomer in the organization, who co-ordinates all the events managed by the company, describes the working environment as a “cool, friendly place.” 

Indeed, the office has a highly informal atmosphere with Sanjay and Prakash enforcing an open-door policy for employees. “We do not think of our staff as our employees, rather they are partners in our business,” says Sanjay.

Prakash and Sanjay believe that when employees begin working as partners, they begin to take the company places, because they feel that they too have a stake in it. With this kind of work ethics, Sejutronics is on the right tracks to reach greater heights!

Vinita Suvarna-Bhatia in Mumbai

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