Acer's New Chromebooks and X Notebook - What Features to Note?

Acer's New Chromebooks and X Notebook - What are the Features to Note in these new launches which may be of interest to you?

Archana Verma
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Acer has introduced two lines of laptops - the Swift X notebook and a new series of Chromebooks. What are their features which may be of interest and relevance to us?


Swift X

This is the newest member of its popular Swift line of notebooks, which is an ultra-thin-and-light laptop, which means it's easy to carry along.

The processor is one of the most important components of a laptop and please note - This model is fitted with AMD Ryzen 5000 Series Mobile Processor with “Zen 3” architecture and the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Laptop GPUs.


RAM - It has 16 GB RAM.

Weight - The laptop claims to be ultra light. Its weight is 1.39 Kg.

Thermal Generation - It's fitted with a fan with fifty-nine 0.3 mm blades and a pair of D6 copper heat pipes.



Acer has also launched a series of 17 inches chromebooks, which means they are large in size



Display - is 17.3 inches in size, has anti-glare coating.

Webcam is optional.

Acer 514 and Spin 713 models have 11th Gen Intel Processor.


Weight - 1.37 Kg, which is a few grains lighter than the Swift X above.

Acer 314 meant for students weighs 1.5 kg - a lot more than the above two series.

Processor - MediaTek MT8183 octa-core


Questions that customers may ask, which the resellers may have to be prepared for - 

  • Which processor is of best quality - AMD, MediaTek or Intel?
  • What are the RAM figures of the Chromebooks?
  • Is 16 GB RAM enough for Swift X?
  • Why is the webcam optional in CB317? What is the cost with webcam and what is the quality of webcam?
  • Do the other models have webcam?
  • Swift X is fitted with copper pipes. What pipes are used in other models? Copper or aluminium?
  • What GPUs are used in the Chromebooks?
  • What is the volume of the local storage in all these models?

Both customers and the resellers need to look into these details before selling or purchasing, so that they don't have a never ending session with each other post-purchase.

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