Adaptec intros series 5Z RAID controllers

Bengaluru: Adaptec announced the availability of the Adaptec Series 5Z Unified Serial (SATA/SAS) RAID controller family. These controllers integrate a flash-based Cache Protection module that provides data center managers with a single controller solution for data protection in the event of both power loss and drive failure.
Designed to replace a current generation of Lithium Ion battery-based cache back-up devices, the Adaptec RAID Series 5Z is an integrated solid state solution that reduces annual data center operating costs and environmental impact.

“As enterprise storage demands skyrocket, we see an enormous need for feature-rich, maintenance-free data storage I/O solutions that work to lower overall IT costs and provide significant environmental advantages,” said Scott Cleland, Director-Marketing, Adaptec. “For both SATA and SAS drives, the Adaptec Series 5Z family not only delivers the performance, scalability and power efficiency that our customers demand, but with Zero-Maintenance Cache Protection, it offers a simple, maintenance-free solution that provides a critical layer of data protection that is often overlooked,” he added.

The Adaptec Series 5Z’s Zero-Maintenance Cache Protection protects data stored in controller cache for up to 10 years with no installation, monitoring, maintenance, disposal or replacement costs. Unlike Lithium Ion batteries, Cache Protection protects cached data immediately, instead of hours after battery conditioning, providing instant protection and immediate optimized RAID performance.

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