AI-ML Interaction - Roshan Farhan, Co-Founder & CEO, Gobillion

AI-ML Interaction - Roshan Farhan, Co-Founder & CEO, Gobillion on the digital onboarding of MSMEs and other larger enterprises for business growth

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Roshan Farhan

Roshan Farhan, Co-Founder, and CEO, Gobillion helps the MSMEs by using AI-ML and other enterprises to come onboard his digital platform and achieve business growth. Here he talks about his work.

What is the response from the IT segment MSMEs to joining your platform?

Roshan Farhan - Gobillion works with MSMEs in Tier 2+ towns in India, which is an underserved market with limited digital channels and untapped potential.

 MSMEs, especially traditional manufacturers and suppliers, have seen substantial value in partnering with our platform and leveraging new digital sales channels to augment their current offerings. These MSMEs in small towns in India have strongly partnered with us to increase their digital presence, augment sales and cater to a new digitally native customer set.

We have helped a large number of MSMEs and suppliers to unlock growth, they have worked with us for the last 1 year and have grown their business significantly through us, and have developed their digital supply chains and sales channels through us.

How has your business grown in the last 2 years?

Roshan Farhan - Ours is a YCombinator-backed social commerce startup focused on making e-commerce social and accessible for the next 500M customers in Tier 2+ cities in India. We enable customers to buy together in groups and unlock great deals with discounts up to 90% on grocery, daily essentials, and fruits & vegetables.

We have grown ~300x in the last 1 year of operations (Feb 2021-Feb 2022), we are currently operational in Guwahati and Kolkata, and launching multiple cities as new markets.

How do you bring offline MSMEs to come onboard your platform?

Roshan Farhan - We work closely with MSMEs, manufacturers, and distributors in Tier 2+ cities, which have a very strong offline footprint and have limited digital capabilities.

Our team clearly communicates to the MSMEs of our unique value proposition and how they can leverage our e-commerce capabilities and distribution to increase sales, improve profits, onboard new digitally native customers who don't generally buy from them, and achieve logistics and supply chain synergies.

What is the technology you use to connect the sellers with buyers? How is this technology evolving?

Roshan Farhan - We have an inventory holding model - we source directly from MSMEs, manufacturers, and farmers at the best possible sourcing rates and sell to end customers. We leverage leading technologies to make this happen at the backend and have an Android mobile app that customers can use to buy their daily essentials.

We leverage a lot of social gamification technologies to make the customer experience seamless and fun for our customers and are developing strong data analytics and AI/ML tech going forward to make the overall product very robust and scalable.