Aiming For A Brand

When Computer Force was
founded in June 1995, no one
would have imagined the kind of progress it has made today. From an initial
investment of Rs 20 lakh, it has grown to become a Rs 12-crore company. All this
was possible only because of the determination and dedication of the company’s
CEO Satish Sharma.

Before floating Computer Force, Satish Sharma was into the
business of photographic goods. Seeing the tremendous opportunity in computer
business, he, along with his two brothers, decided to give it a try. The new
business met with huge success within six months and Satish decided to shift to
Nehru Place, Delhi’s hub of computer industry.

Known far and wide

Computer Force is a well-known name today for local
assemblers, dealers and OEMs for sourcing Intel CPUs, disk drives, monitors,
multimedia equipment and computer cabinets. It imports Asustek motherboards,
Pride monitors, Perks MPEG cards, etc. It is an authorized reseller of hard disk
drives from Quantum and also imports keyboards. Being a GID, the company also
assembles its own PCs.

Computer Force is one of the few resellers who have made a
mark in imports, wholesale trade and retailing. "Our strength lies in the
fact that we are well versed in all the three modes of businesses," says

Satish doesn’t believe in opening offices all over the
country. Rather he has associate consignment agents in Punjab, UP, Bihar, Mumbai,
Bhopal and many other cities. "The main advantage of these associates is
that we have to pay tax only once and it also decreases the overheads of the
company," says he.

But he is not averse to the idea of opening offices in major
metros. "We have opened one office in Mumbai," says Satish. He has
plans to open two to three wholesale offices in other metros. "The computer
industry is different from other industries. It is booming but there are not
many giants as such in India. So even smaller players have a place in it."

Strength in employees

Satish has 15 employees, out of which six are engineers. He
maintains that he wants to groom his people to become entrepreneurs by giving
them extensive training both in-house and outside. "After three months on
the job, we give our engineers one month training. In some cases we send them
abroad also," he adds.

Talking about future plans, Satish says he is planning to
have his own brand of PC. "Everything is ready but we are waiting for the
next budget. We will float our own brand immediately after the budget."

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