Allied Telesyn launches fiber Gigabit managed switch

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Allied Telesyn announced the availability of its

AT-9408LC/SPL2 fiber Gigabit managed switch. It is ideal for traditional

enterprise LANs, defense industries and financial institutions that require

Gigabit, advanced security and fiber connection for fiber-to-the-desktop



The AT-9408LC/SP comes with a compact flash card slot, which

is used to store logs, update firmware or patch, store configuration files and


support script files. It offers advanced attack detection and suppression
capabilities for increased security and advanced quality of service (QoS) to

support converged applications. QoS refers to the ability to intelligently
manage network traffic to allow stable and predictable end-to-end network


The AT-9408LC/SP is an advanced Layer 2 managed Gigabit

switch for the access edge that brings enhanced security to Gigabit networks.

With AlliedWare technology, it allows network administrators to configure the

switch to examine packet formats and content from layer 2, layer 3, or layer 4

(also known as the MAC, IP and TCP/UDP layers). After these layer parameters are

defined and detected, the switch can

trigger network decisions such as Access Control Lists for protection against
DoS attacks, establishing rate limits for excessive bandwidth usage and altering

QoS to support converged applications.

Coupled with security features such as 802.1x (port-based

network access control) and Radius/TACACS+, the AT-9408LC/SP provides tiered

security on each port. Deploying tiered security in unsecured areas such as

visitors' meeting rooms and lounges provide cost-effective protection at the

network layer.

Contact: Allied Telesyn

716, Midas Building, Sahar Plaza

Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri (E) Mumbai 400059

Tel: 022-56764244