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Being able to steer a

company to over Rs 1,000 crore revenue in a span of just a decade is

not a small feat. It requires a leader with determination, vision and

passion to be able to accomplish such a growth. Sunil Kakkad is one

the first generation entrepreneurs in India who can definitely be

termed as an industry stalwart.



A class apart
professional, Kakkad, on completion of his engineering in Electronics

and Telecommunications from Pune University, decided to join a system

builder called Cosmos Computers. In about 6 months, he realized this

was not his calling. Along with his friend Vijay Mandora, they

decided to start their own business firm. Kakkad said, “Business is

in the blood of a Gujarati; hence my decision did not create any

ripples or waves. I think it was just natural for me to be on my

own.” Trusting his instincts and depending on the Gujarati business

acumen, Kakkad decided to traverse the path of self employment. The

age of computers was still at its infancy in the Indian market. But


determined guys arranged for the capital and began to assemble

machines. However, in due course of time the entire business tanked

to bottom. Kakkad was not a man to deter due to a set back. He once

again decided to pull up his socks and in the year 1993 came up with




The initial years were
tumultuous and there were times when survival became difficult. Any

rational businessmen would have wind up the shop and moved on.

However, the duo stuck through and their sheer perseverance for

survival saw them pass these gray days. Learning and coping with

business challenges at a young age had been taxing. One fact that

used to bother Kakkad was that, he left his job quite early. “I

left my job too early and started business, I should have worked as

an employee for atleast 5 to10 years before starting on my own,”

said Kakkad. Such thoughts are bound to persist as Kakkad and gang

never got anything the easy way, and struggle was a constant endeavor

for all. However, persistent efforts were slowly delivering results

for the company. Picking up the nitty gritties on the way, and with a

vision to cross borders into newer ventures helped Kakkad to gain

mindshare and marketshare. It took them 15 years to strengthen its

hold in the Indian subcontinent.

On this, Kakkad said, “I

started business as a very immature businessman, because of

inadequate processes, high risk

appetite or say high risk high return working style put entire

organization on stress multiple times during the first 15 years.

However, as an outcome after paying heavy learning costs and

hardships, SIS emerged as a very strong organization with excellent

bonding and can withstand any odds.”



Two personality traits
that makes Sunil Kakkad the man he is today, is his resourcefulness

and optimism. During the initial days, when money was not flowing and

business was really not giving returns, the mentioned two traits

helped him sail through the rough tides. Belief in oneself and the

organization was the key reason for SIS's success. Winds of change

blew in slowly when the company first decided to

acquire PCL with its entire staff, database and inventory. It was a

bold move but this laid the foundation for what SIS is today. There

are three mantras on which Kakkad swears by. The first one

is 'Not failure but low aim is crime'. Innovation and 'never

give up' attitude are the other two which enabled a successful

career as an entrepreneur for him. Over the years, the industry has

evolved and to sustain these changes, one has to be innovative and

dynamic. Commenting on this, Kakkad said, “Rules of the games are

changing. Initially, I was riding a bike and now am steering a big

ship. Instead of just taking risks, I am taking calculated risks.

Now, I am also trying to augment management bandwidth and focus more

on services and creating intellectual property.” This mindset has

helped Kakkad and SIS to grow by leaps and bounds. Today, this system

integration firm handles major projects across India which includes

both private and government projects. SIS, already an established

player in the systems integration market, entered into telecom services


partnership with BSNL for providing video telephony services.


Turning his childhood
dreams into reality, Kakkad has been very passionate about whatever

he takes up and once he gets involved in a work, he cannot afford to

be in two minds about the work. “Initially it was very difficult

for me to strike a balance between my work and personal life.

Honestly I was not able to balance it optimally; sometimes family

suffers due to business priority,” said Kakkad. However, riding

through several turbulent waves during the initial hurdles, he then

went on to create a history of sorts, for himself and his family.

Today, he is the perfect example for his family who want to follow in

his footsteps. Kakkad attributes his successful life to his wife

Jyoti who has always managed to stand by him whatever the situation

might be. When Sai Info Systems was at its peak of business

expansion, Kakkad realized the importance of having a supportive wife

like Jyoti. A sports lover, Kakkad loves playing chess, billiard,

table tennis, and swimming. He also loves spending time with his

family watching movies as well.


Leveraging on its core
expertise, Sai Infosystem is riding high on its success path and is a

well respected brand in its

field of providing total ICT solution in India and overseas. Apart

from bagging some major winning projects like video phone and

conference services in association with BSNL in this fiscal, the

Ahmedabad-based company is now all geared up to expedite its

networking reach across the country with its newly started operation

for National Knowledge Network (NKN), a mission mode project of the

Government of India. SIS India has been entrusted with the

responsibility of designing and implementing a network

infrastructure, wherein it will connect 280 universities across India

enabling a nation wide unified network. The company intends to

achieve the target through expansion in all the verticals. Having

witnessed the growth of the company at the rate of 150% every year,

Kakkad foresees Sai Infosystem to further lead the convergence wave

by becoming the top ranking convergence player with global presence.