Amazon launches Global Selling programme in India

Amazon recently launched its Global Selling programme in India. the purpose is to open doors for businesses to export to e-commerce markets of the world, according to a company statement. Amazon is extending two of its products selling on Amazon (SOA) and fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to businesses of all sizes and scale.  The company  intends to go global and assist companies showcase their “Made in India” creations and products globally by listing on and

“There is great demand for Indian products, not only from the millions of Indians living abroad but global consumers across ethnicities who benefit from a vast & unique selection at reasonable prices from Indian sellers,” said Amit Deshpande, director, seller services, Amazon India. 
The programme would allow export products in the apparel, home furnishing including Indian handicrafts, jewelry, books, and collectibles, sporting goods, handbags, shoes and health & beauty products categories.

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