Amazon Seller Registration Now Available in 3 More Indian Languages

Amazon Seller Registration Now Available in 3 More Indian Languages to enable the MSMEs to carry business online easily in their language

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Ahead of the festive season, Amazon India has announced the launch of Amazon seller registration and account management services in Malayalam, Telugu and Bengali. This launch will benefit thousands of existing Amazon sellers, many potential and new sellers from markets across tiers to run their business on Amazon marketplace in a language of their choice and preference.


With this launch, sellers will now be able to register on Amazon and manage their online business from a selection of eight languages including Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil and English. Using any of the regional languages, sellers can do everything from registering as an Amazon seller for the first time, to managing orders, inventory and accessing performance metrics – all in the language of their preference. This experience has been made available on the Amazon seller Central as well as on the mobile app.

“As we work towards our commitment to digitise 1 crore MSMEs across India by 2025, it is important to address our sellers’ challenges when they seek to leverage e-commerce to expand their businesses. Language is a prominent barrier that Indian MSMEs face and our focus on localisation, demonstrated in part through the launch of account management services in Telugu, Bengali and Malayalam will make it easier for many MSMEs to conduct business online,” said Sumit Sahay, Director, Seller Partner Services, Amazon India. “Since the launch of regional language experience for sellers in 2020, over 1 lakh new sellers have signed up and digitized their business. As we gear up for the festive season, the addition of three new languages will help numerous businesses to launch their business on Amazon and cater to customers across the country- helping grow and scale their businesses manifold.”

To launch the services in Malayalam, Telugu and Bengali for Amazon seller, the E-commerce platform has worked with expert linguists to develop a holistic and comprehensible experience in each of the languages. The team has chosen commonly used terms over perfectly translated words to make the experience relatable, easily understandable and seamless for sellers. Advanced machine learning technologies complemented the linguists’ efforts and helped the project scale across the languages and launch simultaneously.


Amazon Seller who wishes to change their preferred language can change it in a few simple steps on both Amazon’s Seller website and Seller mobile app. Sellers registering through the Desktop can change their preferred language by accessing the ‘language drop-down’ available on every page, at the top-right corner. On the Seller App, the language can be changed through the language drop-down on the bottom left corner while registering and through the App ‘Settings’ menu. Once the language is changed, sellers can view all pages and workflows in Malayalam, Telugu and Bengali amongst the other language options available.

Amazon will continue to evolve the experience to add more features in Malayalam, Telugu and Bengali helping thousands of MSMEs to enjoy the benefits of registering and managing their business in a language of their choice and convenience.

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