And the piracy continues!

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Yet another channel partner has been arrested for selling Microsoft's pirated software CDs, in Chandigarh.


According to sources, recently, Microsoft's legal team initiated a police raid on RS Comptech, Chandigarh-based partner company, as part of which the owner was taken under arrest.

Ironically, the arrested dealer is also one of Chandigarh association's members.

Sanjeev Walia, president of Chandigarh IT association said that although the Punjab and Chandigarh association( PACT) signed an MOU with Microsoft last year to not to conduct raids, some partners did not pay heed of the wrongdoings.

Walia added, "Of all our initiatives, in the last 2-3 months, there was a surge in the sales of the pirated software as there was a drop in the Microsoft business in the state."

Walia stated, "Despite our association repeatedly warning to our members to not to indulge in any kind of software piracy, some of dealers are looking to make quick money. PACT and all individual IT associations in Punjab have taken serious efforts to educate our members to not to indulge into any illegal activity of piracy."