Andhra fights back technologically to protect residents from lightning strikes

More than 1,600 citizens died due to extreme weather conditions throughout India in 2016 alone, Andhra

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More than 1,600 citizens died due to extreme weather conditions throughout India in 2016 alone, with flooding and lightning claiming the second highest percentage of weather-related deaths.


To protect citizens’ lives from lightning strikes, Andhra Pradesh has selected the Earth Networks Total Lightning Network solution with lightning detection and alert capabilities.

“Cyclones, lightning, flooding and other forms of severe weather pose a serious threat to life and property for citizens in Andhra Pradesh,” said M.V. Seshagiri Babu, Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Commissioner. “With this new technology we will be able to give our citizens earlier warnings and detailed information about severe weather to save lives and reduce property loss.”

With over 1,500 sensors in more than 90 countries, Earth Networks Total Lightning Network is the most extensive and technologically-advanced lightning network in the world. Its ability to monitor in-cloud lightning enables forecasters to generate faster, localized storm alerts and warn of other forms of severe weather such as downbursts, heavy rains, and high winds – in turn setting it apart from other lightning networks. Lightning data from the network are fundamental to the real-time identification of thunderstorm occurrence, location, coverage, intensity and trends.


Andhra Pradesh government and disaster response agencies also gain access to a pair of Earth Networks’ products- Sferic Maps and PulseRad that further aid the state in saving lives and reducing property damage that occurs due to severe weather, while helping sectors such as aviation, utilities, agriculture, education and insurance protect critical infrastructure.

Sferic Maps delivers real-time collaboration capabilities for users to make intelligent weather-related decisions and increase response planning lead time for severe weather events. Users can also receive customized mobile alerting for iOS and Android devices.

PulseRad delivers an advanced radar alternative able to provide an interactive map of convective weather occurring even in the most remote geographic areas where deployment, operation and maintenance of traditional radars are problematic.

“We commend Andhra Pradesh for being the first Indian state to recognize the critical role advanced lightning detection and alerts can play in saving lives and protecting critical infrastructure; an approach we believe can benefit the other 28 states of India that follow their lead,” said Jim Anderson, SVP Global Sales, Earth Networks. “By collaborating with the state, as well as university researchers, significant opportunities exist going forward to strengthen severe weather forecasting.”

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