APC to venture into accessories business

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Global UPS giant APC has decided to venture into the accessories business to

offer notebook and mobility solutions. These include a range of products like

notebook cases with integrated charging features (TravelPower), notebook

batteries, USB devices, biometric password managers and biometric mice among

others. The company has recently started test-marketing these products in the US

market and would shortly be introducing the same in India too. A commercial

launch of the same however would happen after APC gauges the market response.


Said Joe Joberti, GM-Consumer Networks, APC, "We are excited about this

whole new range of products and are in discussion with the Indian sales team to

see what best can be offered for the market here. We realize that mobility

business is fast growing in India and believe that a very good opportunity for

these products lie here."

Joe Joberti

Fast growth of mobility solutions is a very good opportunity for us

He further informed that the company would engage with its existing set of

channel partners selling the Back-UPS range of products. "Introduction of

these accessories would also give our partners a new revenue stream while adding

to their overall profitability," remarked Subodh Tagare, Marketing Manager,

APC India.

On the pricing, Joe assures that a very competitive strategy will be adopted

for India, given the price-sensitive nature of customers here. He also doesn´t

rule a possibility of bundling these solutions with notebook OEMs.