Apple unveils Power Mac G5

DQC Bureau
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Apple has unveiled its latest offering ­ the Power Mac G5 ­ featuring the world´s first 64-bit desktop processor and the industry´s first 1 GHz front-side bus. Powered by the PowerPC G5 processor designed by IBM and Apple, the Power Mac G5 is the first personal computer to utilize 64-bit processing technology. This enables the computer to have a memory expansion of up to 8 GB and utilize advanced 64-bit computation, while running existing 32-bit applications natively. 


“The 64-bit revolution has begun and the personal computer will never be the same again,” says Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple. “The new Power Mac G5 combines the world’s first 64-bit desktop processor, the industry´s first 1 GHz front-side bus, and up to 8 GB of memory to beat the fastest Pentium 4 and dual

Xeon-based systems in industry-standard benchmarks and real-world professional applications.”

The Power Mac G5 line offers dual 2.0 GHz PowerPC G5 processors, each with an independent 1 GHz front-side bus, offering 16 GBps of bandwidth. The line also features the industry´s highest bandwidth memory (400 MHz 128-bit DDR SDRAM with throughput up to 6.4

GBps). It has the industry´s fastest PCI interface available on a desktop (133 MHz

PCI-X) and AGP 8X Pro graphics capabilities. 

This system is stored within a new aluminum enclosure featuring innovative computer-controlled cooling for quiet operation. The Power Mac G5, with a suggested retail price of $2,999, will start shipping from