Zeptoh Services enable Appvance to Create an Unified Test Automation Software

Appvance, headquartered in San Jose, California, develops innovative solutions that help enterprises modernize the way they deliver applications, and measure improved business results. Appvance Designer is a unique code-less recording environment for rapidly creating and automating complex data-driven use cases by automatically creating easy-to-edit, ultra-low-brittleness scripts. In the recording environment and IDE of the designer, the scripts are short plus easy-to-read and edit. Built from ground-up to be DevOps ready, Appvance Unified Test Platform combines multiple test types with a unique “write-once” methodology.zeptoh


Appvance has an Enterprise test tool that repurposes a single test script to be a functional test (smoke and regression tests), load and performance test (scalability and stress tests,) and production monitors. It accepts the test scripts created from Selenium, Sahi, JMeter, Appium, HAR, command line, et al.

The company has a specific record/playback problem with Functional & Load test script created from each of these distinct test tools. They were in-need of a platform that supports test script creation in a variety of dynamic languages, for example Java, Ruby, Perl, etc., in order to create reusable software test objects.

Solution / Project Overview

The areas and technologies for which Appvance used Zeptoh (http://zeptoh.com/) services for included Browser technologies, Javascript expertise, knowledge about Web and Saas based automation.

Zeptoh (http://zeptoh.com/) Solutions achieved the following objectives while providing the software development services for the Appvance Designer project.

  • Creation of Functional Test Record/Playback Tool – An alternative to HP QuickTest Pro (QTP) and Selenium IDE for Selenium test development
  • Record tests in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera
  • Record and playback functional tests of Flash and Flex (SWF) applications
  • Data-enable tests using simple drag-and-drop features
  • Visually adding assertions and check-points to tests
  • If-then, looping, and conditional test execution without scripting
  • Creation of Object Repository for sharing Web page objects between team members
  • Instant and context sensitive help and reference documentation
  • Support for Ajax and JavaScript asynchronous events without additional test scripting
  • Selenium, Sahi, and Flex test type support in one tool
  • Outputs to Selenium unit tests, Selenium IDE Selenese table format, Sahi, and Flex test formats

The 11 member team at Zeptoh which provided this Outsourced Product Development service included Developers, Support Executives, Software Architect, Testers and a Project Manager.

Zeptoh’s completion of this project has enabled Appvance to construct an end to end test platform, which has made Test Automation easier and more efficient for Fortune 500 companies. Also, it has lead the path to Appvance UTP. Appvance UTP is the first unified test automation platform that completely transforms the software QA process. Zeptoh (http://zeptoh.com/) created the Test designer platform for Appvance, where user can click through their Web, Ajax, and Flex application to create a test rapidly and easily.

venkatesan-eOur team used their expertise across various test automation tools to deliver 100% of the objectives for the Appvance Designer project. Our Outsourced Product Development services in Testing will enable Appvance customers to take full advantage of their powerful Test Automation Software.”

Venkatesan Elangovan, CEO & Founder, Zeptoh Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (http://zeptoh.com/)

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