APW President to launch new racks for enterprise

DQC Bureau
New Update


OCTOBER 24, 2006


APW President, a leading name in enclosure systems, announced an addition to

its family of floor-standing racks - Ecosmart Rack, Tablerack, 4-Post open frame


President EcoSmart is an improved version of the popular Ecorack 19-inch

enclosure system. This new floor standing cabinet has enhanced aesthetic

styling. The EcoSmart is a highly economical solution for Networking & Telecom


Made from 1.5 mm thick steel sheets formed and welded together, the EcoSmart

provides improved rigidity. Fully perforated convex Front Doors are standard

supply with EcoSmart cabinets. Rear doors are flat, but also fully perforated.


The TableRack series is designed for table-top and floor standing use. This

19-inch enclosure is similar to the Wall Mount Units, but has a front and rear

door. It is meant for use either on the table top (with feet) or under the table

(with castors). It accepts all equipment conforming to 19" rack mounting


The TableRack is ideal for use by small businesses, self-employed

professionals such as doctors, lawyers, tax consultants, estate agents and

others who require to secure their information database and equipment. They are

also well suited for use in educational institutions such as schools, colleges,

R&D establishments, nursing homes, retail outlets and other small business


President's 4-Post Open Frame Rack is designed for use with networking

equipment, telephone and voice mail equipment, routers, servers and switches.

This 4-Post 19" rack comprises of four vertical pillars fabricated in steel. The

four corner posts, or pillars, are the 19" angles that form the framework and

also provide the 19" equipment mounting facility. The rigid construction and

adjustable depths makes this product suitable for mounting heavy and deep

equipment that may exceed the capabilities of a standard 2-post bayrack.