Arrow PC introduces VMware Tanzu to Aid in Modernization of Applications

Arrow PC Network has introduced VMware Tanzu to help businesses transform the most mission-critical applications from both financial and an operational

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Arrow PC Network has introduced VMware's Tanzu to help businesses transform the most mission-critical applications from both financial and an operational end to a modernized simple and easy to use application. The solution will not only provide the younger look and feel but also take care of the security aspects as these legacy systems which have a lot of sensitive data to be secured and used for the future.


"VMware Tanzu products and services help in accelerating business with full-stack modernization. The product is used for building, running, and managing modern applications on any cloud solution and continuously delivering value to the customers. VMware Tanzu not only helps in modernizing applications but also improves developer experience, speeds up Kubernetes enterprise adoption, simplifies cloud migration, and centrally manages clouds, clusters and applications," said Gurpreet Singh, Managing Director at Arrow PC Network.

Today there is a need for enterprises to modernize their applications to protect their investments and take advantage of contemporary infrastructure, tools, languages, and other technological progress. Very few organizations retire their existing applications and start over, many opt for modernization. A robust application modernization strategy can reduce the number of resources required in the entire process of running the application, increase the frequency and reliability of deployments, and improve uptime and resiliency.

VMware Tanzu is grounded in open source and makes the best use of Kubernetes and ecosystem technologies. It offers full-stack modernization, enabling the transformation of teams and applications while simplifying operations of the software across the multi-cloud infrastructure. Releases are closely aligned to upstream distributions of open-source software, packaged for enterprise adoption, and supported by VMware. The modernization solution helps in evolving the existing apps followed by transforming application development and architecture on any cloud and consume Kubernetes across clouds.

Speaking in numbers, VMware Tanzu aids 10 times faster delivery of code to production. It is one platform running legacy and cloud-native applications on any cloud. It has 1,000s of clusters operate as easy as 10s of clusters and finally modernizes the application in weeks and not in months. With VMware Tanzu, organizations can move towards achieving the right outcomes for their businesses and deliver more value rapidly and frequently.