Ashram to foray into hardware biz

DQC Bureau
New Update

Software solution resellers Ashram Computers and Consultancy Services is

planning to foray into hardware business in the near future to tap the booming

retail market. For almost 15 years, Ashram Computers has been in the software

solutions trade.


“We plan to set-up a showroom of about 800sq ft to display hardware,

software, branded PCs and latest IT products. This showroom will act as a

one-stop shop for all the costumer requirements in Chennai,” said Kaushal

Srivastava, Branch Manager, Ashram Computers, Chennai.

Explaining the sudden decision to enter into the hardware business,

Srivastava said that the move behind the new venture was the booming retail

industry and Ashram didn't want to lose the opportunity.70 percent of Ashram's

business comes from anti-virus solutions. “Even large enterprises are in need

for security, and the demand is increasing by the hour. We are confident of

meeting the customer demands in future as well.”

Rejecting the idea that retail industry is eating the margins of the traders

at a large scale, Srivastava said that the move was a huge one and volume would

compensate the loss of margins. “The value addition in the service is always a

necessary factor for the survival and every trader should be providing that

value addition to his or her customers,” he added.