Asia's first biometric forum in Oct

DQC Bureau
New Update

The first-ever summit in Asia featuring the world's leading biometric

technologies, solutions and products will be held in conjunction with Global

Entrepolis @ Singapore 2004 on 13 October 2004. Organized by one of Asia's

leading provider of biometric solutions, IDLink Systems, this "Breakthrough

Technologies in Biometric Security for the Future" forum will gather market

leaders with the most avant-garde identification technologies and products and

internationally-renowned experts who will provide updates on the latest

technological trends and developments in the world of biometrics.


The forum will provide delegates with in-depth understanding of an extensive

range of topics including 3-Dimensional facial recognition technology,

world-wide biometric security standards, fingerprint biometric subsystem, IRIS

recognition technology, wireless biometric application and AFIS Livescan

fingerprint technology. The forum will also cover topics on how biometric

technologies have been applied in corporate and residential settings.

Amongst the line-up of speakers are Kelly Richdale, Founder and VP of

Business Development for A4Vision, who will talk about the 3-Dimensional facial

recognition imaging; Dr Yau Wei Yun, Chairman of the Singapore Biometrics

Technical Committee and Department Manager at I2R, who will discuss the

challenges automated fingerprint recognition faces; and Christopher Bian, CEO of

IDLink Systems, who will close the forum discussion with commercial applications

in the

current context in biometric system. Please refer to Annex 1 for biographies and
presentation abstracts of selected speakers.