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Aspire Systems launches APTf 2.0 performance testing framework

Aspire Systems has launched the latest update of its Performance Testing framework APTf 2.0. Aspire’s Performance Testing framework (APTf) was built to enable quantitative testing of speed, scalability, responsiveness and endurance of an application under a workload using a single hybrid framework.

Featuring a blend of testing components all under one roof, it helps enterprises save millions of dollars and execute end-to-end performance testing hassle-free. Mainly used as a diagnostic aid to locate bottlenecks in the application, APTf allows integration with CI/CD tools for intensive test environments.

With the latest update of APTf 2.0, the highlight for enterprises using this framework involves performing real-browser testing and the ability to simulate real-world scenarios for testing. In the former, front-end load tests can be conducted on all major browsers while the latter allows testers to mimic commonly occurring circumstances with virtual users to reduce the vulnerabilities across the testing stages.

Testing using Aspire’s Performance Testing framework APTf 2.0 can be utilized for both on-prem testing and cloud. It has the capability to generate loads from across the world. This ready-to-use framework lets enterprises jumpstart their performance testing cycles within 4-6 hours.

Speaking of the need for a comprehensive framework to aid testers, Janakiraman Jayachandran, Head of Testing and Test Automation Service at Aspire Systems said, “Performance testing has always been a crucial element in the software development lifecycle. With rising costs to perform continuous testing with siloed tools, we at Aspire chose to combine the necessities of performance testing in a single framework through APTf.” He adds, “Using APTf 2.0, enterprises have the liberty to commence load testing on real-browsers with no additional requirements.”

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