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Aspire Systems launches to boost customer intelligence at banks

Aspire Systems has announced the launch of, a revolutionary customer intelligence framework that powers insightful customer engagements for banks and financial institutions.

With the company having a dedicated practice for Artificial Intelligence; is one of a kind AI/ML driven framework that transforms account centric legacy systems to client centric producing intuitive interactions with customers. Key services within the loosely coupled framework include Data Optimizer, Customer 360 degree and Customer First.

Poor data quality and customer segmentation are one among the many challenges banks face today. To achieve intuitive customer interactions, the framework channels all perspective information like account history, transaction details and customer profile into creating a one true version of each banking customer.

Anand Subramaniam, Head, Artificial Intelligence Practice, Aspire Systems, says, “We are extremely pleased to launch The greatest challenge banks face today is the lack of clean, consistent and precise data. The amount of data banks derive from their customers is erroneous but deriving the right insights from them has always been a trial.” helps banks to have all possible information about customers in one place, which in turn helps the bank to suggest customized products based on customer preferences.

Srini Peyyalamitta, Head, Banking and Financial Services, Aspire Systems, says, “The high rates of customer attrition are pushing banks to embrace the customer centric approach to enhance trust and loyalty among customers. helps build long-term customer engagements and can reduce churn rates drastically. This is definitely a milestone for Aspire Systems in the AI/ML space.”

With the launch of, Aspire Systems is all set to provide artificial intelligence and machine learning implementation for banks and financial institutions globally.

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