ASIRT hosts first Membership Drive event in Mumbai

The Association of System Integrators and Retailers in IT (ASIRT) recently organized its first Membership Drive event in Mumbai.

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ASIRT BOD with Guest of honor

The Association of System Integrators and Retailers in IT (ASIRT) recently organized its first Membership Drive event in Mumbai, as part of its strategic growth and expansion initiative, planned by the new Board. Renowned Author and Corporate Leadership Mentor, Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, the guest of honor at the event enthralled the audience with an engaging talk on the challenges of modern business and the power of collaboration to drive individual and industry growth.


The event saw enthusiastic participation from the SI and IT entrepreneurs who were keen to understand the offerings and benefits of associating with ASIRT. After a brief round of informal networking, Mr. Jiten Mehta – Chairman, Mr. Pankaj Shah – President and Mr. Sujit Uchil - Secretary, joined the Board members in welcoming the audience and the guest of honor, Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, for the evening. Mr. Pankaj Shah and Mr. Sujit Uchil then introduced ASIRT to the audience and highlighted its reputation as a dynamic association committed towards the growth and progress of System Integrators (SI) and IT retailers in Mumbai. Showcasing its core values and functions, Mr. Shah made a detailed presentation about ASIRT to the audience. He further highlighted the special initiatives, networking and knowledge series and leisure events hosted by ASIRT on a regular basis, to enrich and engage members.

The engaging presentation by ASIRT Board was followed by an interactive session, where ASIRT members shared their own experience of how they had benefitted from ASIRT.A special membership rate was also announced for SI Partners who would be willing to enroll instantly or before the September 2018 TechDay. Speaking about the core belief system and methodology of ASIRT as an association for SI’s and IT Retailers, Mr. Jiten Mehta said, “I am happy to see such an enthusiastic response to our invitation. The SI and IT retailers in India are currently going through numerous challenges, including competition from the online channels, thin profit margins, fast-paced technological innovations and volatile relations with brands/ manufacturers. There is thus an urgent need for an industry body that can provide knowledge support and mentor entrepreneurs to handle these challenges. ASIRT addresses this need through its various initiatives, including the ‘Chairman’s Club – a Mentorship Consortium’ and several other knowledge drivenevents. Through this membership drive event, we aim to reach out to our IT industry brethren and share our unique offerings to build a stronger, unified SI and IT community in India.”

The ASIRT presentation and interaction were followed by an insightful address by Corporate Leadership Mentor and Author, Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai. Also known as CHANAKYA Pillai, Dr. Radhakrishnan is the Founder-Director of Chanakya Institute of Public Leadership (CIPL) and is the Deputy Director for the Masters in Leadership Science Program conducted by the University of Mumbai.


The keynote Speaker of the event, Dr. Pillai highlighted Chanakya’s 7 pillars for a successful business, comparing them with the pillars of a ‘Kingdom’/ ‘Country’ and went on to highlight the significance of ‘friends’ and ‘friendly collaboration’ for success in any field. Co-relating this with the core values of ASIRT, Dr. Pillai commended ASIRT for its efforts and urged audiences to join hands and work together for creating a strong and unified voice of the community. Dr. Pillai also interacted with audiences, answering their management related queries with CHANAKYA’s sutras and examples. Speaking about ASIRT’s initiatives and its efforts to drive collaborative growth, Dr. Pillai said, “It is wonderful to be a part of this energetic initiative, especially one which works towards the benefit of small and medium entrepreneurs from the industry. As mentioned by CHANAKYA, the strength of unity and collaboration to overcome challenges and grow has stood the test of time and the IT and SI community is in dire need of the same, now, more than ever.”

Post the interactive session, the ASIRT Board, along with the audience, got together to unveil Dr. Pillai’s latest book titled – Chanakya and the Art of Getting Rich. Amidst enthusiastic cheer and curiosity, the book launch ensured the evening ended on a high note, with members and audiences alike, flanking to get a hold on a copy for themselves. Dr. Pillai graciously signed copies for patrons too and interacted with many of them on a one-on-one basis. Speaking about

his experience, Dr.Pillai further added, “I am humbled by the response and love that I have received today and I could not have asked for a better platform than this gathering of dynamic entrepreneurs, to launch my new book. I sincerely thank ASIRT and its members for this honor and wish them the best for their endeavors.”

The evening ended with a hearty dinner over networking and discussions on CHANAKYA’s sutras, leaving everyone with some new perspective, renewed motivation and energized spirits.