ASIRT’s 116th TECHDAY concludes in Mumbai

On 21st February 2024, the Association of System Integrators and Retailers in Technology hosted its 116th TECHDAY event, which is the organization's flagship monthly information exchange event.

Bharti Trehan
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ASIRT's 116th TECHDAY concludes in Mumbai

ASIRT 116th TECHDAY Mumbai

On 21st February 2024, the Association of System Integrators and Retailers in Technology (ASIRT) hosted its much-anticipated 116th TECHDAY event, which is the organization's flagship monthly information exchange event. The event took place at the prestigious Hotel Parle International, located in the bustling area of Vile Parle in Mumbai. Numeric a power solutions provider, has sponsored the event at a gold level.


The compere for the event was the charming and cheerful Harshad Thakkar, who kept the audience engaged and entertained throughout the program. ASIRT President, Mr. Bharat Chheda, provided a brief presentation on the latest developments and initiatives undertaken by the organization. With the addition of new partners every week, ASIRT has now successfully expanded its membership to over 240 members, a testament to its growing influence and impact in the industry.

During the preparations for the ACPL 5, a cricket event organized by ASIRT on 3rd February 2024, a motivational video was played to set the mood for all the participants involved in making the extravaganza successful. The video was introduced by a member of the ASIRT Board and ACPL Committee, Tushar Parekh. The event turned out to be a grand success, and the video played its part in motivating everyone to give their best.

Sanjay Ruparel, head of the ACPL Committee, then called upon the whole team that was involved in making the event a resounding execution success. He then called upon the Sponsors of ACPL 5 to felicitate them. Then, the owners of the 8 teams were felicitated. Applause erupted when Jayesh Shah, owner of Digicom Sec Blazers and winner of ACPL 5, and Rajesh Goel, owner of Miracle Tech Strikers, runners-up of ACPL 5, came up on stage for felicitation.


During the event, the Gold Sponsor Numeric delivered an informative presentation to the audience about their cutting-edge Power Solutions. The presentation highlighted how partnering with Numeric can add significant value to businesses and foster a collaborative environment.

During the Evolve Speakers session that took place after the Numeric session, Mr. Anurag Sinha delivered a highly insightful talk on the topic of Growth Foundation, specifically focusing on 4 critical automations that can be instrumental in scaling up businesses. Throughout his presentation, Mr. Sinha emphasized the importance of a formula that combines hard work and leverage to achieve success in business. He then went on to discuss various technology automation tools that entrepreneurs can utilize for business growth. Among these tools, he highlighted Task Management, Workflow Management, CRM, and Knowledge Management as key components of business transformation. Overall, Mr. Sinha's presentation provided excellent pointers and valuable insights for business owners looking to expand their operations.

At the end of the ASIRT TECHDAY, the Chairman of the organization, Nilesh Kadakia, took the stage to express his gratitude towards everyone who participated in the event. He thanked the attendees, the speakers, and the sponsors for their valuable contributions to the success of the TECHDAY. Mr. Kadakia emphasized the importance of such events in bringing together like-minded individuals and organizations to share knowledge, insights, and ideas.

As the TECHDAY drew to a close, the participants eagerly looked forward to the networking dinner that followed. The dinner provided a perfect opportunity for everyone to interact and exchange their thoughts and experiences. The attendees discussed the highlights of the day, shared their feedback, and expressed their excitement about the possibilities of the next TECHDAY. The event was a great success, and everyone left feeling inspired and motivated to continue their efforts to drive innovation and growth in the tech industry.