BD Soft Joins Forces with FITAG for Cybersecurity in Gujarat

BD Soft announces collaboration with the FITAG. It came into existence at the FITAG IT Yatra SETU "Let's Expand Our Horizons" 2024. BD Software Distribution aims to leverage numerous opportunities to showcase cybersecurity & utility solutions.

Bharti Trehan
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BD Soft Joins Forces with FITAG for Cybersecurity in Gujarat

BD Soft collaborates with FITAG

BD Soft, a software distribution firm, reveals its collaboration with the Federation of Information Technology Associations of Gujarat (FITAG). FITAG represents 43 IT associations and more than 5,500 active IT & Surveillance partners statewide.


The collaboration arrives strategically during FITAG IT Yatra SETU "Let's Expand Our Horizons" 2024, aimed at enhancing business awareness and facilitating knowledge exchange across 30 non-metro and 4 metro locations in Gujarat. Serving as a value-added partner (Co-Sponsor) with FITAG, BD Software Distribution aims to leverage numerous opportunities to showcase Bitdefender Solutions and a variety of cybersecurity & utility solutions.

This endeavor entails active involvement with industry leaders and channel partners within the Gujarat IT ecosystem, fostering engagement and networking to enhance awareness and adoption of advanced technology solutions for cybersecurity and utility needs. 

Commenting on the partnership, Zakir Hussain, CEO of BD Software Distribution, remarked, "In recent years, Gujarat's GIFT City, alongside Tier II and III cities, has witnessed a surge in IT small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), fuelling robust IT growth and demanding top-notch cybersecurity solutions. Partnering with FITAG IT YATRA 2024 is a testament to our commitment to empower partners and organizations with cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. Together, we aim to elevate the collective cybersecurity posture across each city of Gujarat.”


Alok Ghelani, President of FITAG, added, “In the realm of cybersecurity, unity is our armor, collaboration our strength. Joining hands with BD Software Distribution Pvt. Ltd. in FITAG IT YATRA, we forge alliances to confront digital threats. Together, we cultivate resilience and innovation, safeguarding our customers and empowering progress. Embrace the power of partnership, where collective action defines our success.”

Since its establishment in 2016, BD Software Distribution has risen as a leading distributor of cybersecurity solutions within India. Backed by a seasoned team and profound industry knowledge, BD Soft offers top-tier IT services and products, equipping partners with extensive support for advancing their businesses.

Through a robust partner network and technical proficiency, BD Software facilitates the smooth implementation and tangible returns on investment for its clientele. Moreover, the provision of comprehensive training, certifications, and marketing support serves to augment the value delivered to partners, ensuring their continued success in the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity solutions.

 BD Software Distribution stands as a reliable ally for businesses seeking to fortify their digital defenses and navigate the complexities of the cybersecurity realm effectively. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, BD Soft remains dedicated to empowering partners and fostering long-term growth and prosperity within the cybersecurity ecosystem of India.

BD Software Distribution provides a wide array of security solutions such as Bitdefender, Endpoint Security, DLP Solutions, Risk Management, Web Application Firewall, and Security Operations, among others. The company is dedicated to elevating cybersecurity standards and promoting development within Gujarat's IT sector.

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