ASUSTek to tackle offending distributors abroad

DQC Bureau
New Update

ASUSTek Computers Inc recently announced it would take stringent action against those distributors outside India, who export Asus products to India breaching their contractual obligations. This was in response to ASUSTek's Indian distributor, Rashi Peripherals' claim that some Indian resellers were indulging in parallel imports and selling Asus products at 15-20 percent discount.


Parallel imports may not be illegal as far as the Indian counterparts are concerned. However, the ones who export them to India do it by breaching the agreement with Asus. When a distributor is appointed anywhere, he/she is supposed to sell only in one particular area.

Shawn Shu, Account Manager, Asustek, says, "Our immediate step is to collect a few motherboards and mark the serial numbers on them to find out where they are coming from. And then we would take serious action against them."

Meanwhile, Rashi also warned about fake Asus motherboards in the market. However, the Asus officials in India are yet to see them for real. "If this is true, it is a serious issue," says Ralph Teng, Account Manager of


According to him, the company will soon come out with a list of differentiators that mark Asus products to identify the fakes from originals. "We want to display these differentiators at every reseller outlet so that buyers can cross-check while buying Asus products," Ralph adds.