Aten intros KVM switch for SOHO

DQC Bureau
New Update

New Delhi

May 5, 2008


Aten International announced a new keyboard, video, mouse, peripheral (KVMP)

switch designed for the SOHO environment. The CS1782 is a two-port Dual Link DVI

KVMP switch that is compliant with the DVI-Digital and DVI-Analog specifications

and features support for USB 2.0 and 7.1 channel surround sound audio. The

CS1782 allows PC gamers, audio and video enthusiasts to share a dual link DVI

display, USB keyboard, mouse, and surround sound system between two computers.

The CS1782 is focused on audio and video-based applications, eg, desktop

publishing, video, image and audio editing, CAD/CAM display plans and

schematics, home theatres, and high-end PC gaming. The CS1782 supports

widescreen resolutions and is audio-enabled.

As the KVM, USB, and audio focus can be switched independently, users can

listen to sound files on one PC while working with applications on another

system, controlling USB peripherals or playing a video game.


For DVI Dual Link, the CS1782 supports superior video quality with

resolutions up to 2560 x 1600. With Aten's DDC2B display emulation technology,

the switch automatically recalls the monitor's ideal resolution and refresh

rate, allowing users to boot all computers simultaneously, and switch between

the PCs while still maintaining the ideal resolution of the monitor. In

addition, the device also features console mouse port emulation to seamlessly

recognize multifunction mice and supports any mouse type when the user switches

between the computers.

“Display technology is continuously improving video display resolution

standards,” said Kevin Chen, President Aten International. “With innovative

product such as the CS1782 KVMP switch, we are keeping pace with the ultra-high

video resolutions available today, providing power users in demanding home and

small office environments with a truly versatile solution that offers USB 2.0

and the latest 7.1 surround sound audio on top,” he added.

The integrated 2-port USB 2.0 hub and console audio ports on the front and

rear panel of the CS1782 can connect to USB printers, digital cameras, flash

drives, or other USB devices, and are ideal for IP phone users. Users can easily

expand and share their peripherals among the computers connected to the KVM

switch. The CS1782 supports all major operating systems (Windows 2000, XP,

Vista, Linux, Mac and Sun) and integrates an Auto Scan function, which allows

users to monitor all connected computers.

Aten's CS1782 KVMP switch is available now. The MSRP for CS1782 is Rs